Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but most jewelry boxes are packed with a variety of gems, baubles, and beads.

Whether you love colorful, inexpensive pieces to match every outfit or prefer items with plenty of shine, keep reading. We’re bringing you 7 facts about jewelry that every jewelry lover should know.

1. It’s Been Around More Than 75,000 Years

The oldest known jewelry dates back more than 75,000 years. Tiny snail shells pieced together like beads have been found in a cave in South Africa, making it the oldest known example of decorative jewelry.

2. Some Jewelry Requires Special Care

If you want your jewelry to continue to be as beautiful as the day you bought it, you’ll need to do more than tuck it in your jewelry box.

Many types of jewelry require special care and attention to maintain. Sterling silver needs to be polished. Pearls should be cleaned each time they are worn and stored flat.

Abalone jewelry is another beautiful accessory that requires special care. Learn more about choosing and caring for abalone pieces at

3. Diamonds Were First Mined in India

While South Africa is now home to much of the world’s diamond mines, India holds the title of the first country where diamonds were mined.

Many historians believe that diamonds were being mined in India as early as the fourth century B.C.

4. More Than 80 Percent of Couples Choose a Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s no rule that says that your engagement ring has to feature a diamond.

Some couples choose to get creative–or budget-friendly–by opting for other gemstones instead. However, around 80 percent of couples still prefer to stick to diamonds.

5. Americans Spend Around $6,000 on Engagement Rings

The average American couple spends just over $6,000 for their engagement ring.

It’s definitely possible to get a stunning engagement ring for quite a bit less.

However, many couples, and especially celebrity couples, choose to shell out a bit more.

6. Mariah Carey Owns the World’s Most Expensive Engagement Ring

The record for the most expensive engagement ring ever purchased belongs to Mariah Carey’s 35-carat ring, which cost over $10 million.

However, if you account for inflation, this ring no longer rings supreme. Grace Kelly’s ring, which cost just over $4 million in 1956, would be worth more than $38 million.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ ring cost $2.6 million in 1968 is worth $19.4 million today.

7. Most Pearls are Man-Made

It is possible, and no necessarily rare, to find pearls in nature.

However, because of the time it takes for them to grow and the variety of quality, size, and even color, most pearls used in jewelry are man-made. Pearls are grown in farms around the world for use in everything from necklaces to embellished clothing.

Learning More Facts About Jewelry

Use these facts about jewelry to shop for your next piece or impress your other jewlery-obsessed friends.

For more tips and tricks on your favorite accessories, check out the jewelry section of our blog.