7 Items Every Woman Needs in Her ClosetLiving in style isn’t always about following the latest trend of the season because knowing what to wear when and how is far more important than that. While trends are important too, there are certain items in fashion that are pretty much timeless and, therefore, they need to be in the closet of every woman, ready to answer her call whenever needed. While there are more than just seven of them, here are the seven that matter the most.

The White Tee

The white t-shirt comes in many lengths, collar cuts, and shapes, but having at least a few of them in more than one style is recommended for every woman out there. Pair one with a pair of dark blue denim jeans for a casual look in summer, and just put a jacket on to make things super stylish when the weather starts to get chilly. In all honesty, this one is pretty much a unisex choice here because every man needs to have a white tee too!

The Blue Denim

7 Items Every Woman Needs in Her ClosetWe just talked about it, so you probably knew that this one was coming next. The blue denim is a must have because of it’s versatile, natural ability to fit in with almost any casual style. In fact, if you have a pair of dark blue denim without any fancy distress, you can probably even pull off a few semi-casual events flawlessly with it.


The sneaker is the quintessential shoe for pairing up with your jeans and if you wear denim, you just need to have a pair of white or sky-blue sneakers in your wardrobe as well. They go perfectly well with hot pants, shorts, and short skirts as well, especially if you are someone who leads an active life.

The Black High Heel

A woman should definitely have more than just one pair of high heels, but if you had to take just one of them on holiday, it would have to be a pair of black high heels. Aside from the fact that it can add oomph to any party dress or evening occasion, studies have found that women in black high heels are indeed perceived as powerful in society by both men and women in general.

A point to be noted here is that while black heels can be worn to most formal and semi-casual events, they are not all the same. Depending on the dress that you would be wearing for the evening, it is best to have the choice of selecting between at least two different types of black heels, if not more. As an example, Dune London actually has quite a varied collection of stilettos, pumps and peep toes, so if you are on the hunt for a new pair, it might be worth checking out what they have before you buy one.

The Little Black Dress

7 Items Every Woman Needs in Her ClosetA lot of fashion experts agree that if you have to have just one black dress let it be the iconic LBD (little black dress). There is something timelessly sexy and elegant about the little black dress that has never really allowed the trend to go out of vogue, even after many decades. Both empire waists and wraps work, but always remember that the priority is to choose a dress that compliments your body. Wear a pair of translucent black tights with the dress to add even more oomph to the attire. While shopping, try to find something that works with your height because a generic LBD can be too short or too long, depending on your height.

The Pencil Skirt

pencil skirtAs long as you are someone who needs to attend formal occasions often, you probably already have quite a few pencil skirts in your closet. Even if you are not a corporate worker, it’s still better to have at least one pencil skirt in your wardrobe to pair up with a crisp white shirt for those formal occasions, rare as they may be. Besides, depending on the top you choose to wear with your pencil skirt, it can be used for casual outings as well.

The Tote Bag

There are certainly more stylish bags out there, but nothing balances fashion and functionality quite as well as the classic tote bag. It lets you carry everything that you need and as long as you are careful with your choice, a well-designed tote bag can be carried to formal occasions as well. The clutch is also an essential item for parties and events, but the tote bag just takes precedence here because of it being the more practical choice.

If you are thinking that we left a lot of things out of this list, then you are probably right. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of wardrobe essentials for every woman out there, each of the seven items mentioned here definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe.