2,015,603 couples got married in the United States in 2019.

Did you recently decide to get married? In addition to planning for the ceremony and reception, you also need to purchase your wedding rings.

If you’re planning to start looking at wedding rings for women or men, you should know that not all of them are going to be exactly the same, and some may even have stark differences that you’ll need to consider. 

Keep reading to find out more about the types of wedding bands out there before you make your selection.

Different Wedding Ring Types You Should Consider

If you want a timeless option that is viewed as being more traditional, the classic flat wedding band is the way to go. These are simple bands that are typically made from gold or silver. Women’s rings within this style are usually a little thinner than men’s rings.

The eternity ring is another option, which has diamonds all around the whole band. Diamond wedding rings are extremely popular today, but if you want to go with something other than diamonds, that’s an option as well! If you’re concerned about the price, you can also get a half eternity ring, which is when only half of the band is covered in gems.

A five-stone ring is a very elegant choice. It has five diamonds set into a golden band, and usually, there are smaller diamonds set around the larger stones on the sides. The stones are meant to symbolize specific parts of a couple’s relationship, such as trust, loyalty, and commitment. 

If you want something that is a little more unique, you can opt for a twister or curved wedding ring. These are exactly what they sound like! The twisted band has two metal bands wrapped around itself, and the curved ring is shaped in a curved U or V shape. 

The twisted ring is meant to symbolize the lives of both people coming together and becoming one. The curved ring is ideal for brides that have a large engagement ring and want to give it ample space while wearing their wedding band.

Lastly, the pavé band is a band that has gemstones lining half of it, but they are not all set in the same way like they would be with an eternity band. For instance, a scalloped pavé bandhas gemstones around the base rather than along the sides. 

What to Think About When Shopping for Wedding Rings

First of all, you have to narrow down the type of metal and gemstones that you want so that you can then narrow down all of your choices. Once you start shopping, you’ll see that there are literally thousands of combinations out there, and you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

Second, you need to consider whether or not you want matching bands with your partner. It’s completely up to you, but if you opt for this route, it may be easiest to buy them together.

Third, you’ll want to start the search for your ring as soon as you can so that there is plenty of time to research, browse, and try them on. Alternatively, you can purchase rings on The Art of Jewels so that you can design them yourself. 

Lastly, don’t forget to set a budget. It’s no secret that wedding rings are expensive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead and know exactly how much you can spend. 

Choose the Right Wedding Rings for You

Now that you have a broader idea of the wedding rings that will work best for you and your partner, it’s time to start shopping. Be sure to consider all of the styles that are available to choose the perfect one.

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