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A Look Inside the World of Christian Fashion - FashionWindows

Are you looking for apparel that sends a message?

What a person wears will say a lot about their personality. This is why it’s next to impossible to see strangers wearing the same clothes in public. People can use their hobbies, taste in music, or their favorite color to use as a basis for their fashion sense.


Some people push further and use their religious beliefs as a basis for their clothing identity. With over 2.3 billion Christians in the world, it’s no surprise that we see a lot of Christian fashion wherever we look. They use their fashion to relay a message to anyone who sees their clothes.

What are message are they trying to relay, though? Read on to learn what Christian clothing manufacturers are trying to say with their products.

Fear of God

Among the strongest messages that most Christian clothing brands give talks about the fear of God. It’s a way for people to show their creator that they show him respect through their fashion. A company with the same name as the message (Fear of God) says it best.

Founder Jerry Lorenzo says in an interview that his gift for fashion is a God-given gift. In return, he must do what he can to honor what God gave him, and his stylish yet meaningful clothes are how he does it. He also mentions that he dedicates his clothing company to God and makes his business a way to worship him.

His fashion sense takes elements from the 80s and 90s and mixes them with modern elements, too. This is clear when you see most of his lineup includes washed denim jackets and jeans, and loose plaid shirts. They then blend these elements with high-fashion streetwear that people love in the US.

This makes the brand appealing to bother the younger and the older generation. This makes it an even more successful today.

Lorenzo also says that he makes these clothes in fear of God. He received no formal training, but his fashion ideas are among the hottest in the industry. He fears that it will all disappear if he doesn’t pay tribute to God.

A Sense of Gratitude

Another message expressed by Christian fashion is gratitude to the Lord. This goes for both God and Jesus. Christian wear often has text written on them like “God is good” and “Thank You, Jesus.”

This is so that people can express their thanks no matter where they go. The simple act of wearing it is enough to show people that you give your thanks to the Lord and Savior. This makes Christian clothing an essential tool for expressing your faith without using your words.

This allows you to do more while expressing your religion. People who wear these make it possible for them to keep themselves busy as they worship. It’s a great way to do more for your soul while doing more for the people around you.

Commitment to the Religion

Another reason people love these clothes is that it helps them show how committed they are. People often mistake commitment to religion as going to church and giving out donations. While these all help as long as one has pure intentions, nothing says that wearing clothes isn’t enough to do this.

Doing this can even be a better way of expressing your religion. This is because you’re forgoing your fashion sense to commit to this line of clothing. Many people don’t like doing this because they think they could become the subject of ridicule.

People who wear these care more about their beliefs than their outward appearance. It’s easy to wear clothes that look stylish, but it takes more to wear ones that send a message.

With how freedom of expression is becoming more empowering, you can see why it’s easier for people to do this. This is also why you see more people wearing these in public or in the workplace.

Freedom of Expression

When people thought about ways of expressing religion before, it would always be rigid. You had to have a specific outfit for people to consider your as expressive of your faith. For Christians, it was a formal, buttoned-up suit with a Bible in hand.

Today, Christian clothing allows you to be more expressive with your beliefs. You need not have a stiff-looking outfit to express yourself. You can be wearing comfortable clothes and still express your religion.

A representative for gospel recording artists, Frederick Purifoy II, says it best: “One can devote themselves to the belief and show their faith while still being stylish, relaxed, and cool at the same time.”

Even famous recording artist, Madonna, shares a similar belief in freedom of expression. She once tried to combine sexy and comfortable clothes with Jesus merchandise. It shows that you need not always be formal to represent your religion.

The Nature of the Savior

The clothing line represents how God’s nature is like the clothes people wear on their backs. God knows what is to come, and this is how he prepares us for the events that will unfold before us.

Many people believe that this clothing style is in line with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is also known to many as the judgment day, where only the worthy go to Heaven.

This fashion aims to remind us to keep our morals straight. The strong messages they deliver serve as our final reminder before the coming of Christ.

This also shows the omniscient nature of God. He knows how people will take messages in our time. This is his way of showing that he knows and cares about his people.

It’s Never Too Late

Another strong message that this fashion line gives us is that it’s not too late. Many people think that once they sinned, they’re doomed for life. This is why many people don’t think much about the consequences of their actions after they sinned.

What they don’t know is that it’s never too late for us to repent. Any nation can still save itself if enough people repent. Reminding us to ask God to forgive us for our sins is the goal of these clothes.

This is also the only way for us to save others along with ourselves. Repentance is the only way that God will forgive all of us as a society. Unless more people repent, he will judge society for everything they’ve done in the past.

Promotes Traditional Family Values

What most people fear is that their children will have no beliefs as they grow up. More people would rather pay attention to the latest news on their topic of interest than the word of the Bible. With these clothes, parents have some help in teaching their kids about religion.

Their stylish motif and sensible messages make them an influential piece for children. It’s a chance for parents to start them on the path of salvation early on. Doing this also helps promote traditional family values.

The Bible has always been big on having families gather together for meals. It also encourages families to say grace together before partaking in the food. These may not seem like much, but doing these together makes a family have a stronger bond.

Reminds People That We Owe Our Lives to Jesus

Most Christian clothes, such as these Christian t-shirts, depict many scenes in the Bible. These show parts of the New Testament where Jesus faces many challenges. They also contain quotes from the Bible.

These are great in reminding us of what Jesus did for us. Having died for our sins, and he saved us from eternal damnation. It also reminds us that we live each day thanks to him.

These make for a great way of showing people that we must also give thanks to Jesus as much as possible. There’s not enough for us to do to give back for what he did. Wearing these shirts and sharing his message is a great way to start, though.

Serves as Inspiration for Many

As mentioned above, people struggle with their faith when faced with challenges. These can be small things like wanting to fit in with others to big challenges like overcoming diseases. During these times, they need to look up to someone for hope.

These shirts are great at giving people hope and inspiring them to keep going. Wearing one or giving them a shirt is a good way to do this. It shows them that their faith will help them through whatever they’re going through.

Learn More About Christian Fashion Today

With Christian fashion on the rise, there’s no shame in finding out if it’s a good fit for you.

A great way to do this is by knowing if you can relate to the message they send out. Learn what their messages are and try on Christian clothing today!

Do you want to know more about this fashion line? There’s more to Christian clothing than meets the eye. Check out more of our informative guides and blogs to learn all you can learn today.