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Best of the Southwest: Keds Champion Tribal

NEW YORK, Apr 26, 2012/ — This season, look cactus sharp with a dose of southwest tribe-vibe. Tribal prints are adding major spice to your spring style with earthy hues and bright pops of jewel tones. The Champion Tribal comes in three colorways and is available now, exclusively at
Accessories Fashion Trends

Marni at H&M: Accessories Add Another Element of Playfulness

NEW YORK, Feb 21, 2012/ — Accessories add another element of eclectic playfulness. Marni’s signature elastic waistbands define the silhouette with a quick gesture. Sequined shirt collars are used as necklaces. Footwear includes flat explorer sandals for men and women, wooden-platform open-toe slingbacks and metallic pumps with wooden soles and …

MYKITA Cyrus: Sunglasses as an Art Form

DALLAS, Apr 23, 2011/ FW/ — Unveiled last February at the Deutsche Guggenheim during the “All Access World” exhibition by artist Agathe Snow, the limited edition MYKITA Cyrus sunglasses are destined to be as iconic as the real-world landmarks that inspired them. Designed by Agathe Snow, the MYKITA Cyrus references …
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A Groom’s Jewelry Guide

DALLAS, Aug 16, 2010 / FW/ — Donatella Versace once commented, “Never allow a rapper to out-bling you.” Interestingly enough, though most rappers are men, that advice was directed towards women on wearing jewelry when attending a gala party. Hence, that brings us to the obvious question, can everyday men …