Are you looking for your new signature scent, but you’re unsure where to look? It’s possible that you’ve been misled by some bad information.

There are many myths surrounding perfume and cologne that spread through the internet like wildfire. There’s so much conflicting information. How do you know what’s accurate? 

We’re here with three of the most common perfume and cologne myths that we’ve found in beauty communities. Keep reading to learn more. 

Perfume Is Only for Women

Too many people are under the impression that cologne and perfume are the same, aside from which gender is supposed to use which kind of fragrance, but this isn’t true.

In reality, both perfume and cologne are types of parfum. Parfum is the fragrance that goes into perfumes and colognes. The difference between the two, in this case, is the amount of fragrance that each product has.

Perfume has a higher concentration of fragrance. This means that it lasts longer and you should use less of it. Cologne, on the other hand, has a milder scent because it has a lower concentration of fragrance.

There are also no “right” types of fragrances for different genders. Many women like the “masculine” scents that colognes offer and many men like the fruity and sweet scents that are more popular among women. 

Application Styles Don’t Matter

Did you know that the way that you apply cologne or perfume will change how well it works? While a simple spray is enough to give yourself a special scent, different application methods may be better depending on your goals.

When it comes to getting a milder scent, there’s nothing wrong with spraying perfume in the air and walking through it. That said, if you do this, you also waste more perfume. This might be better for body sprays.

Some people think that you have to dab perfume on your pressure points, but this also isn’t accurate. For a stronger scent that lasts longer, it’s better to try rubbing perfume in areas that move a lot and get a lot of blood flow. 

Expensive Perfume and Cologne Is Better

You’ve seen those expensive and fancy perfumes from brands like Chanel and Tom Ford, but are these perfumes really better? 

In most cases, no. With these perfumes that cost hundreds of dollars, you’re paying more for a brand name and a fancy bottle. There are many affordable, high-quality perfumes and colognes, like those from that will still yield great results. 

There’s nothing wrong with buying a perfume for a fancy bottle or keeping a “nice” perfume for special occasions, but don’t assume that you need to spend that much for the best fragrances.

Find Your Signature Scent Today

These common myths about perfume and cologne are widespread, but now you know the truth. Perfume and cologne are genderless, they can be affordable, and you don’t have to spray your entire body to get great results. 

Go find your perfect scent today!

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