AV Couture Collection SS15- Look 9From the press notes:

The designs of ALFREDO VILLALBA Collections are characterized by a personal creative discourse that takes the starting point from apparently antagonistic sartorial concepts; street style elevated to the summit of luxury, with an anarchic approach; destroy then create.

Diego Villalba, the Creative Director and designer of ALFREDO VILLALBA, has as his main creative input the lifestyle, culture, music and fashion of the 80’s. A decade that has left its artistic and visual imprint embedded in his fashion dialogue which results in an output that reminiscences, but does not remain in the past, charters and paves the way for future fashion styles.

ALFREDO VILLALBA celebrates female power. Women who revel in their independence, are sensual, confident, cosmopolitan, incredibly accomplished and not afraid of fashion. A trend setter, style leader, key influencer, she will always choose the fashion road less travelled.

Every season brings about new creations that follow a pattern that opposes conceptual and minimalist notions by portraying recognizable garments in an emotional rupture using vivid colour schemes and textural harmonies. The result: the distinctive ALFREDO VILLABA Collections, signified by an empowering visual beauty with a distinct and passionate sensorial experience, seen and felt.

Stereotypes from past styles recreate with complete freedom and luxurious renderings the mood of a Winter of Love, the RTW FW 2015 Collection, an altered state of fashion that begins with the counter cultural values inspired by the youth culture in the 70’s. The hippy legacy in a myriad of forms, a sophisticated coterie that time warps to the XXIst Century.

Psychedelic windowpanes, colourful brocades and velvet devoré, guipure, tweed, hounds tooth, covered by tulle, lux denim are the textile fabrics. Materials from nature revolve around hides and furs; leather, laser poni, python, afghan sheep, long hair furs, the wild edge. The embellishments include insect details; buttons, trimmings. On the fringe, tassels. Embodying metal mesh creates flexible rigid structures. A distinctive characteristic of ALFREDO VILLALBA, embedded in the premium brand’s genetic code, is the supreme quality of the textiles, fabrics, embellishments and trimmings used.

A Winter of Love also recreates the styles of two leading fashion cities: Paris and London. The chic approach to fashion opposed to the anarchic approach towards dressing. Antagonistic styles represented in fourreaux and leather jackets, hyper feminine dresses and metallic tops, skin tight leggings and stand out coats, red carpet and music diva styles. The generic fashion code by ALFREDO VILLABA warms up to the Winter of Love.

Photos courtesy of Alfredo Villalba