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All You Need to Know About Watch Movements - FashionWindows

While most people decide which watch to buy based on its looks, enthusiasts also take the inner mechanisms into account. The machinery inside a timepiece that makes it tick is collectively called ‘movement’ or ‘caliber’. The movements are not just responsible for accurately moving the hands but also for other features like calendar and chronograph.

These extra functionalities are formally known as ‘complications’. The movements are divided into two categories; mechanical and quartz movements.

The mechanical category has a sweeping needle and comes in 2 types, automatic and manual. While the quartz movement has a ticking needle and does not have any further types. Hence, the three types are quartz, automatic, and manual.

Basics Of Watch Movements

Before we discuss each movement in detail, here is some general information that will help you understand this blog better. All movements come in different shapes so they can properly fit inside the various shapes of watch bodies.

The thickness of movements is measured in millimeters or linge. Linge is a French unit of measurement used mainly by french and swiss manufacturers, it is equal to 2.256 millimeters.

Now that you know some basics about movements, let’s move on to the most amazing watches that use mechanical, automatic, and quartz movements.

The Mechanical Movement

A mechanical movement does not require a battery. It can tell time based on the movement of its gears. The vibration of the balanced and weighted wheels causes the hands to move accurately. The oscillation of the wheels is powered by the mainspring which is wound manually.

Mechanical movements may not be as accurate as the automatic ones, but they are much more valuable because of the intense craftsmanship involved. The following are some of the best watches that use mechanical movement.

  • Weiss Titanium American Issue Ultralight Field

Weiss is one of the few manufacturers based in America. Their latest release, the Weiss Titanium American Issue Ultralight Field, has outdone their previous masterpieces. It is an ultra-thin titanium field watch that uses a very thin aluminum movement.

  • Panerai Luminor

If you like timepieces that are large and strong, you might like Panerai’s Luminor. You can opt for blue or black straps and golden or silver body. Panerai offers a 70-year warranty for the Luminor, which is an indication of the high quality of this masterpiece.

  • Grand Seiko SBGK006

The Grand Seiko SBGK006 by the Japanese company is truly a sight to behold. The crown, records, and hands are made from majestic 18K yellow gold. The classy white dial and the brown calfskin band make this the perfect addition to all your formal attires.

The Automatic Movement

Automatic movements do not need to be wound like the mechanical ones, they get energy from the movement of the wearer’s arm. When we move our arm while walking or doing other daily tasks, a small amount of kinetic energy is produced, it is this energy that the timepiece utilizes to power its gears and needles. If you are interested in purchasing an automatic movement watch, go through the following options.

  • Orient Men’s ‘Ray II’ Automatic

Orient’s Ray II has become a popular choice due to its moderate cost and dependability. It is an elegant piece that will last a long time if cared for properly. But even if you accidentally break it, you can easily get to replace the damaged dials from

  • Victorinox Airboss Mach 9 Analog Display

The Victorinox Airboss Mach 9 is perhaps one of the most expensive options mentioned in this list. But its exquisite craftsmanship makes it worth every penny. The well-structured and sturdy watch also has a chronograph.

  • Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver

A diver needs a dependable watch and Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver is highly reliable. It has a highly attractive body due to the dual-colored metallic strap and blue dial. It is made up of both gold and stainless steel.

The Quartz Movement:

Quartz movements are the most commonly used ones. They are powered by a battery and were invented in 1969 by Seiko. The battery life of a quartz movement is 1-2 years. If you are wondering why it is called quartz movement, it is because the power of the battery vibrates the tiny quartz crystal present in the watch. The vibrations of the crystal then power the hands, accurately depicting the time.

Below are some of the best quartz watches:

  • Mondaine Stop2Go

Stop2Go by Mondaine is a very eye-catching timepiece. The wide black lines on its dial and the big red seconds’ needle give it an overall bold look. The hands have very smooth movement and the watch is overall a winner, but only for those who can pay the huge price tag of $600.

  • Tag Heuer Formula One

The Formula One by Tag Heuer comes inside a luxurious black box. It is named after Formula One racing and its well-formed rubber straps and the metallic body do the name justice. It also features three attractive and useful chronographs.

  • Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

The ceramic bezel and chromium nitrate scale of the Skywalker X-33 make it look very polished and unique. The watch comes in a titanium case that is light grey in color and measures 45 mm. The Speedmaster is mainly black but uses a little bit of neon green which really catches the eye.


When picking a watch do not just make the decision based on the looks. The movements of a watch decide its thickness, lifetime, accuracy, and effectiveness. If you are a rich collector you will be more inclined to mechanical movements as they embody craftsmanship. But if you are just looking for a long-lasting timepiece you might go for the automatic or the quartz. There are no bad movements, what you choose depends on your needs.

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