Gustavo Alonso F1402Gustavo Alonso: Graduate, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fashion Design, 2013, Miami International University of Art & Design

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Miami, FL, native, Gustavo Alonso earned many accolades as a budding fashion designer even before graduation.

He is the 2012 winner of The Diet Coke Young Designer’s Challenge, provided red carpet dresses for Zuleyka Rivero (Miss Universe 2006) and Michelle Vargas (Latin Billboards), and was a finalist for the CFDA Scholarship Award, the Cool vs. Cruel Fashion Design Competition, the Jet Blue Fashion Show and the Peroni Young Designer Award 2012.

“I enjoy structure and precise technique, which is a reflection of my military background,” he says. “My designs reflect my obsession with combining contrasting elements to create a harmonious balance.”

Gustavo Alonso F1401