Isamu Katayama pop up store

PARIS, Nov 18, 2013/ — True to its commitment, not only to break down frontiers between various artistic practices but also to go find and recognize the art where it is expressed, Kogan Gallery has invited Japanese fashion designer Isamu Katayama to present his Backlash 2013-2014 Fall/Winter collection from November 22nd.

le 21 novembre de 18h à 21h

du 22 NOVEMBRE 2013 au 22 JANVIER 2014
du mardi au samedi de 11h30 à 19h30

96bis rue Beaubourg
75003 Paris

Kogan Gallery has been representing numerous artists for almost 2 years now and to celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary; it has decided to honor the work of a creator with a great and unique approach to clothing, as well as the lifestyle it inspires.

Based on leather, Isamu Katayama constantly reinvents the ideal mannish silhouette. Influenced by his travels and also the sounds of timeless rock stars, he invites us on his ride to freedom with his ” FOLKHALIC ” collection.

Born in Hiroshima in the sixties, Isamu Katayama has been interested in leather since childhood, its scent evoking the motorcycle tours he shared with his late father. In pursuit of his dream, he moved to Tokyo in 1983 and got a job at a bag’s manufacturer, the only way for him then to be in contact with leather hides throughout the year.

In 1999, he created the company Backlash Co., Ltd, and simultaneously the brand Isamu Katayama Backlash. In spring 2004, he presented in Milan, and went on soon after to Paris. Followed for two years in Japan and abroad by the film director Koichi Makino, a film about Isamu and his peculiar universe of leather, ” Artisanal Life” was produced in 2009.

Always searching for innovative processes in the treatment of skins, ” Isamu Katayama Backlash ” introduces all seasons, a wide range of original leather products, from riders jackets to engineer boots, bags and accessories.

Garment dyed, the products are manufactured one by one by veterans of Japanese craftsmanship.