Dee Hutton Collection 2 (31)Now on its second collection, the hot new bespoke line DEE HUTTON found the perfect balance between luxury dressing and the current zeitgeist of instant gratification.

Described as semi-couture by designer Nedenia Hutton Craig, DEE HUTTON proposes billowing silk faille ball skirts and airy chiffon Grecian gowns, brocade cocktail dresses and guipure lace separates dotted with crystals for the luxury consumer.

Nedenia’s collection honors the old world craftsmanship and intimate customer experience of sumptuous atelier salons. Constructing separates, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns using the finest fabrics, embroideries, and skins sourced from around the world, Hutton Craig offers clients the ability to customize pieces for the current season in a variety of colors, fabrics and silhouettes and delivers them within weeks.

This model is an ode to a time before the advent of ready-to-wear – a time when luxury meant both quality and exclusivity. Her great grandmother, Marjorie Merriweather Post and her grandmother, Dina Merrill were both known as much for their style as for their extravagant costume parties.

Nedenia’s love of dress up is authentically born, and she took every opportunity to tag along with the family matriarchs to their favorite designers’ studios. The ladies all knew one another, and the designers knew the ladies, their bodies and preferences. The atmosphere was convivial, solicitous, and fun -in short, like a party. The sense of community and intimacy this mode of shopping fostered made an indelible impression on her.

Building on those influences with her own exuberant, youthful sensibility, Nedenia’s mission is to make shopping fun again by cultivating a more personal connection between the luxury customer and the designer she favors a connection that has been somewhat lost over time.

Her plush, cozy salon provides the perfect outpost to sip champagne, get together with friends and collaborate on pieces. It brings out every woman’s inner designer. The resulting pieces are unique to the owner and hold pride of place in one’s wardrobe forever.

While steeped in iconic influences and couture tradition, DEE HUTTON also represents Nedenia’s lifelong ambition to go to work every day to do the one thing she’s loved most since childhood -play dress-up with friends.

In keeping with the brand mission, DEE HUTTON is available only by showroom appointments and ambassador-hosted trunk shows nationwide.

DEE HUTTON is produced entirely in New York City.