It’s always a sad moment when you have to throw out a beaten-up pair of shoes, especially when they were well-liked. At this moment, you may start feeling guilty, thinking about how you should have treated them better and perhaps not have walked through that muddy field with them – at least you should have tried to avoid stepping in puddles.

If you’re starting to make a habit of getting rid of old shoes prematurely, perhaps you should consider the following tips to help stop you sending your sneakers, loafers, or pumps to an early grave.

Use protective wipes and sprays

When walking, your shoes will encounter a lot of grime and dirt, particularly mud, water, and other substances. You can’t guarantee that everywhere you’re going with your shoes is clean, but there are fantastic products to help you protect your shoes. Protective sprays are literally the closest thing humankind has come to magic.

These sprays coat your shoes with a protective, translucent layer of material that makes water and other liquids bead up and dribble straight off your shoes. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Don’t wear them all the time

The worst thing you can do to a pair of shoes is to over-wear it. This is because, by wearing them constantly, you’re submitting them to rigorous tension and impact stress. This can be especially damaging on the sole and inner padding, as no matter how light you may be, the combination of weight and gravity can compress the padding, making it lose its shape. Not only does this somewhat effect the shoe, but it also makes it far less comfortable in the long term.

Additionally, by not giving your shoes time to breathe, it can keep in the moisture coming from your feet, making the shoes feel damp and smelly. This can also warp leather. The best way to combat this is to give your shoes a day’s rest between wearing them. This can help them air out and dry, decompress, and become much more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Invest in quality shoes

The best way to ensure that your shoes last longer is to make sure that they’re good quality in the first place. No matter how well you take care of them, a cheap pair of unbranded sneakers isn’t going to last nearly as long as the more premium branded alternatives. This is because the quality of the materials might not be that good, or the overall build might not be that well-crafted.

Quality shoes don’t have to break the bank, though, as there are many money-saving tips, such as using Red Wing Shoes Coupons to get discounts and vouchers.

Stuff them when they’re not being worn

There’s a reason that stores and retailers keep newspapers in their shoes. This helps them retain their shape and stay firm and should definitely be something you do once you purchase the shoes as well. This can be particularly useful for the tips of the shoes, as paper will stop them from sagging. Newspapers don’t only give structural support, though, as they can also help with absorbing moisture such as sweat or rainwater from the shoe, helping keep them fresh and clean for longer.