Prevent Bad Breath

According to the American Dental Association, half of the adults in the world have dealt with multiple dental problems such as bad breath, tooth discoloration etc, in their lives. Teeth whitening toothpaste can be helpful in tooth discoloration while bad breath can be really problematic. The condition causes a person to have chronic bad breath. Dentist attribute poor oral hygiene to be the leading cause of bad breath. Other causes of bad breath include diet and health issues, tobacco, etc.

Halitosis affects a person’s self-esteem and even damages relationships because no one wants to be around a person with an unpleasant odor. You can take up a few of these measures to help you fix the problem and prevent bad breath quickly. These tips are:

1. Thorough Cleaning of the Tongue

The tongue hides the leading cause of bad breath, which is the anaerobic bacteria, a type of oxygen hating bacteria. Since they don’t like the oxygen, they burrow deep in your mouth’s surface leading to inflammation. These bacteria excrete Sulphur compounds, which are the source of bad breath.
Dentist Michelle Chan DDS says that the solution is to thoroughly brush off the tongue or use a tongue scraper to scrape off the bacteria from your tongue filaments. However, if you don’t have a tongue scraper, a spoon is a better alternative.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Dry mouth can be the cause of your bad breath, which is why you should regularly drink clean water. A dry mouth means your mouth is not producing enough saliva. Saliva contains antibacterial properties that help break down food particles. The spit is also essential in washing away foods that would get stuck in your mouth, so when there is not enough saliva, the food decomposes in your mouth, creating a foul smell. Carry drinking water wherever you go so that you can keep yourself hydrated.

3. Breath Spray

A breath spray comes in handy if you are heading for an interview or are in a rush and worried about your breath. They come in various flavors such as peppermint and are useful for fixing your breath quickly. However, breath spray should not be used as an alternative to brushing teeth. It only meant to cover up the foul smell for a short while.

4. Make Use of Oxygenated Mouthwash

According to Chan, since anaerobic bacteria do not like oxygen, you can use that against them. An oxygenated mouthwash contains chlorine dioxide, and zinc compounds can kill and inhibit the growth of these bacteria. Among other benefits of oxygenated mouthwash include revitalizing the gums and also whitening of the teeth. Chan advises patients to gargle at least twice a day. Gurgling using the oxygenated mouthwash is effective because it kills bacteria that has accumulated in the tonsils.

5. Sugar-Free Mint

Sugar-free mints are used to mask off bad breath quickly; this is important if you have no access to your toothbrush or mouthwash. Just like breath spray, mints are not a permanent solution to bad breath. There are no restrictions on using mints; just remember to avoid mints containing sugar. Mints with sugar contribute to dental problems.

6. Regular Visit to the Dentist

If you always suffer from bad breath, quick fixes to bad breath cannot permanently solve the problem of you’re the problem. Therefore ask for the help of a dentist as soon as possible. There are possible causes of bad breath, which include digestive issues. However, your dentist can be able to tell you the likely cause of your problem.

Final Word

Don’t suffer in silence due to bad breath. The tips above give you an idea to quickly fix your breath even when you are in a rush.