Singapore is the host city of Emporio Armani‘s photographs, taken by Mario Sorrenti. The metropolis is seen from a visionary and nocturnal angle, reduced to a pulsating and rhythmic acceleration of lights that flash around the shiny, glittering surfaces of clothes that combine design with dynamism.

Sure of themselves in their poses, the models Julian Schneyder, Dalibor Urosevic, Nina Marker, Anya Lyagoshina and actor Hu Ge, testimonial for Greater China and Asia Pacific, create a diverse amalgam of individuality that emphasizes the spirit of the brand as a creative hub.

In Giorgio Armani’s stylistic research often people are defined through the space that surrounds them. The new advertising campaigns of the three brands Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and A|X Armani Exchange, all in color, each with a different and unequivocal visual code, focus on this aspect.

Photos by Mario Sorrenti, courtesy of Emporio Armani