Estee Lauder Swiss Whitening
Estee Lauder Swiss Whitening

GUAM, Mar 8, 1997/ FW/ — Estee Lauder as a cosmetics company has always been well known for it’s skin care product. Its revolutionary Fruition Triple Reactivating Complex had the eyes of the world on alpha-hydroxy.

With their new skin care line, Swiss Whitening, Estee Lauder is again revolutionizing the cosmetics industry.

Swiss Whitening promises protection from UV exposure. It is a gentle, non-chemical sunscreen, which contains anti-oxidants to help intercept and neutralize the negative effects of skin-damaging oxidants as well as boost your skin’s own natural protection.

The window is a typical cosmetics window presentation- bigger than life photograph, giant boxes featuring the products, and a huge sign announcing the name of the product and of course Estee Lauder as the manufacturer.

A straight forward presentation which has been the trend with cosmetics line for sometime.


DFS Galleria
1296 Pale San Vitores
Tumon, Guam 96911
(671) 646-9640/9641

Photos by MARI DAVIS