Zareena - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai April 2014DUBAI, Apr 13, 2014/ —From the press notes:

For this season, Zareena’s main theme is abstract shapes and lines that become works of art when combined and placed on the designs in an artistic manner. Her sense of placement and choice of colors are marks of the brand that any enthusiast would recognize.

As a designer, Zareena does not like to confine herself to certain colors; therefore, within any of her collections you will see a wide range of daring color combinations. The fabrics are always having the sense of flow and femininity in them. She uses natural fabrics for her collections.

Following the theme, Zareena has three groups of designs within the collection, the whites, which portray nature’s beauty personified in flower formations, the abstract formations with its cornucopia of colors, and the golds, nature’s ultimate precious belonging.

Photos by Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson, courtesy of Fashion Forward Dubai