Fashion Forward Dubai: The Starch Foundation

Starch Foundation S14 (1)DUBAI, UAE, Apr 11, 2014/ — Under the mentorship of Rabih Kayrouz, the Starch Foundation has presented their chosen designers at each edition of FFWD to great acclaim. The designers this season are Jo Baaklini and Timi Hayek.

Timi Hayek:

“This is a Spring/Summer 14 collection for women who want a comfortable, modern, young, fresh and chic look. I combined stripes, pleats and prints in monochrome, ivory and navy blues, with raw edges and hints of sheer fabric. The collection will consist mainly of tops, skirts and dresses. The hand drawn digital prints in this collection are inspired by L’Apres midi d’un Faune, a 1912 dance performance by Les Ballets Russes, where the legendary Vaslav Nijinsky plays the role of a young faun who pursues a group of forest nymphs.”

Jo Baaklini:

Atelier Jo Baaklini’s debut collection features strong colours and graphic prints on clean, classic cuts. Inspired by spring and summer in the warm climes of the Levant and Gulf, it is fun, fresh and considered with an attention to detail.

Photos by Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson, courtesy of Fashion Forward Dubai