If you are a bit of a fashionista, then you will know that there are fashion rules that pretty much everyone follows, but are they made to be broken? Some of them, yes. We all spend a little more time thinking about what we are wearing when summer is nearing – as we all want to look our best rather than worry about being wrapped up and cosy. We have put together some fashion myths that you might want to take into account when getting your summer wardrobe ready. What you should be thinking about, is if it looks good on you, rather than fashion rules.

You can’t have Long Hair After 40

After 40” is a common phrase used in the fashion world and it’s associated with do’s and don’ts relative to that age.  Lots of people have stated that after 40 it’s time to ditch the long hair and go for a shorter haircut.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You should be choosing a hairstyle that is flattering to your face, not one that’s age related.  Sometimes, it’s actually the opposite that’s the truth – and as you get older you suit a longer hairstyle.  If you look at Goldie Hawn for instance, she’s just one example of someone who has kept her long hair as she has aged – and she is constantly praised for how young she looks.

Do not Wear Open Toe Heels with Hoisery

When you think of this, you probably get a picture of an old man wearing brown leather sandals with some socks – but it doesn’t have to look like that.  Sometimes it can be a little chilly even in the summer, and we want to wear our women’s sandals with some tights to warm us up a little.  Just like with the navy blue and black situation – it’s all about how you execute it.  For example – you could wear tights with open toed sandals if they don’t have a seam at the toe.  If you are doing it, make it look as if you are doing it deliberately.  You could wear tights with a sandal that has a large open toe, so people know you haven’t just forgot!  You can check out this women’s sandal collection for some great options.

No Mixing of Black and Navy Blue, or Brown and Black

The old theory is that you can’t have 2 neutral colours.  You can have one and then accent it with a brighter and bolder colour, but is there any real reason why they can’t be worn simultaneously? The only thing we would say – is that you wear them together in such a way, so people would know it was done intentionally.  For example – you could wear a brown pair of shoes with a brown dress, teamed up with black tights and a black belt.

Stay out of the Sun

This is an important one since summer is on it’s way.  We all tell little white lies like we will stay out on the sun – or that we will put on loads of suntan lotion as soon as we are getting ready to go out.  The reality of it is, you don’t need to stay out of the sun, all you need to do is make sure that your skin is protected.  A handy tip is to apply any suntan lotion before anything else.  If you put this on after make-up or moisturiser – you are compromising the effect of the sun tan lotion.

As you get Older you Should have Longer Hemlines

Similar to the “no long hair before 40” deal – there is a rule out there that once a lady gets to a certain age – she can no longer be seen in short dresses or skirts.  You should wear a skirt that you feel comfortable in and not worry about what others may say.  Hotpants may be pushing it, but there is nothing wrong with a short skirt especially in the hotter months.  You an also wear a higher heel and short dress as you get a little older, but you can also team this up with a light jumper or cool jacket if you want to make sure it’s appropriate.  If you don’t feel comfortable showing too much leg as you get older – you can always opt for some nude tights that will make you feel a little more covered up.

You Can’t Wear Red Lipstick During the Day

In recent years, the fashion trend has been for subtle nude lipsticks or lip gloss to be worn during the day – and that brighter shades can only be used at night time.  There is no reason why you can’t wear red lipstick that’s on the bright side by day, or black eyeliner – just don’t wear them both at once.  If you wear red lipstick – it’s a good way to distract people from your eyes if you have had a long night or are a little on the tired side.

Make Sure you Always Match your Shoes, Bag and Belt

There has been a misconception for a long time that you can judge a lady by how coordinated her outfit is.  If she has a matching bag, pair of shoes and a belt – then she is organised and well put together.  Although that may have been the case in the 60’s in the days of Jackie O, times have moved on.  Instead, matching all of those things together can actually look a little bit dated.  If you mix up your accessories to accentuate your outfit – you will look much more modern and dare we say it “on trend”.  An example of this may be if you are wearing a dress that has a rather bold print.  Instead of having matching shoes, you should maybe opt for a solid colour.  If you are wearing a dress that is plain, then you can accentuate it with perhaps brighter colours or prints.

Don’t Mix Different Kinds of Metals

There is also the idea that you can’t mix colours in terms of jewellery.  So, you can’t wear yellow gold, or silver together at the same time.  It’s absolutely fine to do this, but the same rule as before – it should look as if it has been done on purpose, and not just that you have mis-matched.  A good rule of thumb is to go in odd numbers.  So, if you have 2 gold items on, thrown in an additional silver.  Don’t wear an equal amount at the same time.  That way it will look as if you planned your outfit.

If you are getting a new summer wardrobe – or are just in the mood for a little bit of a style revamp – then don’t worry about all of the fashion faux pas people refer to, the reality of the matter is – they either aren’t relevant, or there are ways around them if it doesn’t suit your style.


Photo by Mister Bean at Unsplash