Are you searching for the perfect scent that’s playful and sweet? How do you know which perfume to choose?

Let’s have a look at Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes. Jean Paul Gaultier, an icon of the fashion and perfume industry, is the name behind some of the best women’s perfumes of the decade.

He is the enfant terrible of the fashion and fragrance world. He believes that fragrance will always be the first thing our skin puts on. His provocative, saucy, rebellious, and witty style makes him a creative genius.

Ready to go shopping? Read our guide as we review the top Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes. Check out our top five Jean Paul Gaultier scents.

1. Classique

The house of Jean Paul Gaultier launched Classique, the first of their fragrances, in 1993. Jean Paul Gaultier was once known as JPGaultier Classique.

Classique remains one of the most popular fragrances from Jean Paul Gaultier’s lineup for its strong, feminine, sweet scent. It has a sensual and seductive evening fragrance. This is perfect for women looking for a confident and sexy scent.

2. Le Classique

In 1995, Le Classique came as a follow-up to the hit-success fragrance Classique. Le Classique took on a bolder scent compared to Classique.

Many have described it as not smelling like a perfume but like a sultry and sophisticated woman. Like its predecessor, it’s the perfect perfume for a cold evening. If you’re looking to make a statement on a night out, this is the perfect scent for you.

3. Scandal

In 2017, the design house launched Scandal, the first in the Scandal range of fragrances. It’s an addictive chypre floral fragrance, combining sweetness and spice.

The earthy sweetness of natural honey sets the opening tone for Scandal. As the fragrance develops, you’ll be able to detect the scent of sour blood orange and smoky patchouli.

4. Scandal by Night

Released in 2018, Scandal by Night pays homage to the original Scandal scent. It’s fruitier and sweeter than the original.

It has deep honey tones and the tang of fresh sweet-sour citrus fruit. It continues with hints of pear and cherry. A hint of rose helps to soften sharp tones.

5. So Scandal!

Released in 2020, So Scandal! is the newest fragrance in the Scandal collection. This fun and flirty scent pays homage to the iconic designer’s 50+ year fashion stint. This lush feminine scent consists of a well-balanced fruity floral combination of orange blossom and raspberry.

It falls on a white fragrance that feels sensual. Don’t miss this perfect post-lockdown scent today. Check the best Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes here at Perfume Price co.

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These are our top five Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes.

There’s no doubt the name Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best perfume brands out there today. If you want to know more about other fragrances for men, do check out other blog posts!