With the warm weather months upon us, it is arguably one of the best times to start a personal fitness program. There are so many reasons to be out and about while there is no reason to remain in a rut.

Do you need to fit in the swimsuit that you’ve been eyeing for sometime? Or, do you just want to go down 1 or 2 dress sizes. These are good reasons to go out and exercise, yet we also to realize that fitness is central to your well-being and ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Still, there are many things people can do to get a jump-start on their health and wellness. Here are five tips to easily reach your fitness goals.

Set up small, incremental goals

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” says an old Chinese saying. Translating this into fitness goals, start small. If you need to lose 30 lbs., think in terms of one pound a week. If you just joined a new gym, start going once or twice a week, then move it to three times a week. This will help you slowly adjust mentally and physically to your desired fitness regimen.

Enlist the aid of technology

There is a reason why the Apple Watch and FitBit are so popular. It’s because they do help. These fitness trackers track your movements, monitor your heart rate, provide a record of your movements and more. They help you hone in your fitness goals and remind you when you need to move.

Try something new

Dan Gaz, physical activity and assessment program manager at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, says getting outside your comfort zone can be beneficial to your health. “Trying something new helps keep your fitness plan fresh. Plan a visit to the local farmers market to pick up produce. Sign up for a 5k run, or look at your local community education or rec center class catalog and sign up for activities. The social dynamics of these types of events benefit mental as well as physical health.”

Dress appropriately

Many believe that since you are just going to sweat, you can just wear your oldest pair of shorts or sweatpants while exercising. That is the farthest from the truth. Remember your ultimate goal – being healthy equates to looking good and feeling good. Start with a good pair of workout shoes to protect your feet.

And make sure that you wear supportive bras. Supporting your breasts during physical exercise is critical. Whether you are doing yoga or running, you are putting stress on your breasts which can cause them to droop.

Leave the sweatpants at home! There are many workout gear out there that emphasize our curves and make you look good while exercising.

Put the buddy system into use

Instead of making your fitness objective an individual goal, team up with a friend or family member, and together, work toward a shared goal. Having someone to hold you accountable, who you are responsible to and who can motivate you, is huge. It creates a great dynamic and source of inspiration that can get you through those mental slouches.

You can even take an exercise class, join a running club or biking group. You may end up pushing yourself harder. The people next to you become your exercise advocates and suddenly, you’ll have the desire to keep up and do more. This can accelerate reaching your fitness goals.

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash