Giorgio Armani with Models Menswear FW23

If you walk around Milan, you wonder where is the famed elegance of the city described in books. It’s because those beautiful palazzos and houses are hidden behind tall concrete walls. And that’s where Giorgio Armani got the inspiration for his eponymous collection.

Inspired by Milan’s atriums found in noble palazzos, the same atriums that hide gardens, spaces designed with discreet geometry in white and colored marble which happen to also reflect classic Milanese design and architecture.

Translating them to clothing, Armani used cashmere, alpaca, velvet and drapery to reflect the subtle splendor of these hidden gems. Combined with expert tailoring and expert use of the color wheel, the collection gave a nod to an age of elegance that, while partially forgotten, echoes in the elegant spirit of this city.

The sophisticated soundtrack is inspired by composer Ludovico Einaudi.

Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani