NEW YORK, Oct 12, 2011/ FW/ — This Halloween, be politically incorrect with Ricky’s NYC exclusive costume collection of the newest Stoogies who wreaked havoc in 2011.

Straight from the headlines full of notorious sex-scandal, Ricky’s NYC proposes The Charlie, The Arnold and The Anthony for those of you who dare to be daring on October 31st.

The Charlie

You can rock the Charlie costume this Halloween and be addicted to “winning” all night long. Grab a bottle of booze, a few fine young ladies, and you will be on the drug called Tiger’s Blood… Don’t be alarmed if you wake up in rehab!

The Arnold

It’s easy to have an infamous love-child in this famous governor’s costume from Ricky’s NYC. Baby NOT included. But don’t worry, he’ll be back.

The Anthony

Wear this sleazy congressman costume and prank all of your friends with scandalous picture text messages and inappropriate emails. Let your true Weiner show and smile for the camera- But make sure your wife doesn’t see it on the news!

Costumes and accessories retail for $1.99-$24.99 and are available at Ricky’s NYC locations or online at