poiray and hipanemaPARIS, Jan 26, 2014/ — The samba meets precision timer with the collaboration between French watchmaker Poiray and the two Parisian designers behind the Brazilian-glam inspired Hipanema bracelets.

Nicknamed the “young lady of Place Vendome” in Paris, Poiray, which was founded in 1973 immediately became known for its Ma Première watch with its famous interchangeable bracelets.

And now for the first time since it was launched, Ma Premiere will shed its signature bracelets and don the colorful Hipanema bracelets.

Dubbed as the “Spéciale Brésil”, the collection offers four interchangeable straps, available in shades of pink, gold, turquoise and indigo. Only 300 straps in each color will be produced in this limited edition collection.

Spéciale Brésil is expected to available at Poiray’s stores and online in April with a suggested price of 120 euros.