A wedding ring is one of the most prized possessions of a married woman. For as long as she is wearing it on the fourth finger of her left hand (where what’s known as the vena amoris or vein of love is), it will serve as a reminder that she’s committed to someone for a lifetime.

These days, there’s an endless choice of trendy wedding rings online. Because they boast of fashionable designs, women find them a delight to be spotted with them all the time.

If you are the proud bearer of one, it can be disheartening to see it in a state where it no longer looks as beautiful as when you wore it for the first time. The good news is that a high-quality wedding ring can last forever. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible. If you are not cautious, you may damage it. This includes its diamond, which, as many people know, is the hardest substance on the planet.

Do not worry as taking good care of your wedding ring is as easy as marvelling at its beauty. There is no need for you to have the skills of a seasoned jeweller to know the steps necessary for making your wedding ring last for as long as you are breathing. All you need is the desire to see it unscathed as you treasure it with all your heart.

Please keep on reading to learn some of the things that you should do to keep that eye-catching token of love on your ring finger dazzling forever.

Remove as Necessary

It’s always a good idea to take off your wedding ring before participating in intensive hands-on activities. This will help keep your prized possession from ending up with scratches and dings. Most married women make it a habit not to wear their wedding rings while moving pieces of furniture during spring cleaning or pumping iron at the gym.

Are you into sports where you have to hold pieces of equipment like rackets, paddles, or bats? Then it’s a good idea to take off your wedding ring while practising or competing. It’s not only for the benefit of your performance but also your wedding ring itself.

Keep it on when Washing your Hands

Especially if you are washing your hands in a public place, refrain from taking off your wedding ring. One of the major reasons for such is that you may accidentally forget to put it back on afterwards. What’s more, a stranger may find it irresistible to steal your wedding ring, especially if it sports a sparkling diamond.

However, if you are in a situation where having clean hands is of utmost importance, such as in a hospital setting, it’s a good idea to remove your wedding ring while you are washing your hands. Just keep a close eye on it at all times and put it back on afterwards.

Clean Regularly

There is no point in having a stunning diamond on your wedding ring if there’s a buildup of dirt or oil that is keeping it from sparkling. The good news is that it’s not difficult to keep that beauty on your ring finger looking its best all the time.

All you have to do to restore the shine of your wedding ring, including especially its diamond, is to leave it in a mug of warm water with a little mild dishwashing detergent for a few minutes. The grimier the wedding ring, the longer that you should dunk it in the solution. Gently scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush for a baby, rinse, and pat dry.

Take It to a Professional Cleaner

Reliable vendors of trendy wedding rings online recommend taking your wedding ring to a professional twice a year to give it the intensive cleaning that it needs. This is especially true if yours have prongs that hold the diamond in place.

It’s not just deep cleaning that a professional cleaner will do. The expert will also thoroughly check your wedding ring to make sure that everything is fine. Small problems often end up as massive and costly issues sooner or later. Taking your wedding ring to a professional cleaner can help to nip a small problem in the bud before it can cause you a nasty headache.

It’s not enough that you know by heart what the wedding ring on the fourth finger of your left hand symbolises. It’s also essential that you give it the love and care that it needs. Fortunately, it’s trouble-free to make your wedding ring last forever.

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