how to bring luxury to your wardrobeYour wardrobe deserves long term luxury. This means investing in pieces you would previously have thought were completely out of your budget. You did it for your wedding; you can do it for every day. After all, if you were able to invest in a dress you would theoretically just wear once, why not invest less for a sweater you will love and wear for years?

To help you improve the quality of your wardrobe, just remember to follow these steps:

Clear Out and Audit Your Wardrobe

It’s hard to dress well when your closet is bursting. If you don’t know what you have, how can you possibly be creative with how you style yourself? That is why the first step to bring luxury to your wardrobe is to take it all out and to sort through it.

What to Keep

Keep what you love. If something that you love has a flaw, see if you can fix it. Take it to your local dry cleaner and see what they can do, or learn a few sewing skills yourself for easy fixes.

What to Remove

If you don’t love it and don’t wear it often, then it’s time to get rid of it.

How to Sustainably Remove Items From Your Wardrobe

Getting rid of something should never mean throwing it into the garbage. Textiles clog up landfills and in many cases won’t degrade. Consider selling the good quality pieces or donating them. Failing that, find a recycling program in your local area that will ensure your unwanted clothes don’t get incinerated or sent to landfill.

Invest in Tailoring What You Have

For the rest of your clothes, ensure they fit perfectly. If something has always been a bit too loose or that buttoned-down shirt tents too much over your bust, then get it tailored to fit you. You will look like a million bucks! Your wedding dress was fitted and refitted before your big day – by getting your regular clothes tailored, you can look just as good daily.

The Quality Basics You Need for a Luxury Wardrobe

Once your wardrobe is cleared out, it’s time to invest in the missing pieces. Some luxury investments you will want to make include:

  •  A Luxurious Sweater
  •  The Little Black Dress
  •  A Tailored Buttoned Down Shirt
  •  Statement Coat

Invest in Quality Materials

There are a few materials that you will want in your closet.


Cashmere is soft and incredibly warm, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The best cashmere is also not as expensive as you might think. Grade A cashmere from can be yours just for a few hundred dollars. By stopping your fast-fashion habit, you can invest in a stunning, timeless cashmere staple that will last you forever.


Silk is a very versatile, luxury fabric. It can be liquid smooth or make up a beautiful knit.


For a great summer fabric, linen is the way to go. This quality material is difficult to maintain as it wrinkles, but it will help keep you cool and flawless in warmer weather.

Try to Shop Sustainably

When you do buy new, try to choose companies that are genuinely committed to sustainability, and not just greenwashing because it is trendy right now. This means they are proud of their supply chain, and continually work to improve their impact on the environment and those working for them.