80s fashion was filled with grunge, exotic textiles, neon hues, and tight-fitted pants. All of these unique fashion trends have come and gone over the years.

However, we slowly see some of these trends come back this summer! So if you’re wondering how to dress like the 80s, then keep reading!

Punk Fashion in the 80s

Punk fashion became famous because of rock bands and alternative lifestyles. This fashion trend consisted of platform boots, leather jackets, ripped jeans, and band-tees! 

All of these clothing items are still current in today’s fashion world. In fact, Doc Marten boots, although highly popular in the 80s, the brand is still very famous today. 

If you’re into punk fashion, but you don’t know where to start, try incorporating some basics. For example, a black leather jacket is a statement piece that everyone should have, regardless of what style you’re trying to wear.

You should also start investing in vintage clothes like band-tees and Levis. You can put on some platform boots, a pair of distressed Levis, and a band-tee, and you’ve got a fun and easy 80s outfit!

Athletic Looks and Basics 

Companies like Nike and Rebook were very popular before the 80s. However, during this time, brands started incorporating gym wear with casual streetwear. 

Biker shorts, nylon jackets, tights, bodysuits, and track pants are all considered retro clothes. Not only was this style comfortable, but it was also very versatile.

If you’re interested in the athletic look of 80s fashion, then you’ll need a pair of biker shorts, preferably brightly colored, some jeggings or tights, and a fun pair of chunky sneakers.

You can pair your fun biker shorts with a simple cropped tee and chunky sneakers. Knee-high socks were also very popular during the 80s. However, if you’re not a fan of these socks, you can trade them out for ankle socks instead!

Messy Chic Fashion 

Messy chic was a staple in the 80s and would later revolutionize the fashion world. Now, Messy chic is making its way into today’s streetwear and even high fashion.

If you’re wondering how to dress like you’re from the 80s, then messy chic will embody this trend the best. To begin, let take some inspiration from the queen of messy chic herself, Madonna, of course!  

Madonna was always seen with bright makeup, messy hair, off-the-shoulder sweater, tights, fun dresses, scrunchies, and so much more! There are so many options for messy chic, which is why this style is so sought-after.

If you want to dress like you’re from the 80s, then you’ll need a few pairs of hair scrunchies, some thigh warmers or tights, some off-shoulder sweaters or shirts, and some funky skirts and dresses!

How to Dress Like the 80s

Overall, fashion in the 80s is all about being colorful and bold! You don’t need a lot of money to dress to have this style.

In fact, most vintage clothes are bought in small thrift stores at low prices. You can also design your own vintage clothes by buying funky fabrics and cool buttons! 

Not to mention, designing your own clothes and thrifting is way better for the environment. Fast fashion is causing long-term environmental effects. So try your best to reuse and recycle clothing!

Ready to Rock and Roll

Now that you know how to dress like the 80s, you can begin your fashion transformation. Whether it’s for a fun night out, a crazy concert, or maybe an 80s-themed party, you can be sure to turn some heads with 80s clothes!

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