Cosmetic dentistry is an ever-growing market. It’s expected to reach $43 billion by the year 2026. Whether you need porcelain veneers or plan on fixing crooked teeth, there’s a procedure to give you a smile that you feel confident showing off. 

Is a smile the first thing you notice when meeting people? It’s likely that’s the first thing they notice about you as well.

If you feel insecure about your gum line…your gums are receding or you’re insecure about how much of your gums show when you smile…there’s something you can do about it. Gum reshaping treatment, gum contouring, or a gum lift might be just what you need. 

What can gum lifts do to improve your smile? Keep reading to learn more about this cosmetic dental procedure that will give you the smile you desire. 

What Causes Gum Recession? 

There are a number of different factors that contribute to receding gums. Do you brush too hard or floss too aggressively? Do you use a hard toothbrush? These habits can damage your gum line. 

Other causes include smoking, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, gum infections, and more. A gum lift gives you back gum balance and an improved smile. 

What is a Gum Lift? 

A gum lift is a procedure that corrects imperfections with your gums. It takes an uneven gum line and reshapes and resculpts it to change the height of the gums.

It creates the appearance of more symmetrical and longer teeth as it lifts or removes some of the gum tissue. If you don’t like that you show too much gum when you smile, this is the procedure for you. 

Aside from being a cosmetic procedure, it also makes it easier to keep your gums clean, reducing your risk of gum disease.

It’s a non-invasive procedure using local anesthesia. Your gums may be swollen for a couple of days, but you’ll notice an improvement once this has subsided. 

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The Benefits of a Gum Lift

You’ve seen pictures of before and afters with cosmetic dentistry. Improving your smile can be life-changing. No more hiding your smile when the camera comes out.

A gum lift rids you of that gummy smile you’ve been embarrassed about showing. It improves your aesthetic and gives you the confidence to show off your smile. 

This treatment also improves the health of your gums to compliment your smile. 

Gum Lifts For a Better Smile 

Now that you know how gum lifts work and how they can improve your smile, are you considering the procedure? If so, see a reputable dentist to discuss your options for cosmetic dental care. 

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