How to Make Your Radiator Blend in With Your Decor

When you’re thinking about the design of your home, you likely don’t consider the radiators. They are an essential element to each house, and yet they are often forgotten or seen as a nuisance in the design plan. You’ll need to base your furniture layout on the position of your radiators, and they can look quite unattractive when stood on their own.

With some creativity, you can integrate radiators into your design. On top of that, you can then add functional elements that you may not have thought about.

Here is how to make your radiator blend in with your décor.

1. Choose wisely

If you’re moving into a new home or looking to update your fixtures, choose a radiator that fits your style. There are many options to choose from, and if you have a smaller room with less space, then consider opting for a vertical radiator like the ones from Pick a radiator design that will save space and refrain from purchasing ones that are bigger than you need.

To find the perfect size for each room, you can use an online BTU calculator.

2. Use a radiator cover

If your radiators are already in place, and you don’t have the option to choose a different one, then invest in a radiator cover. There are so many different styles and colours to choose from, and you can find a cover that fits with your décor. Covers can transform your radiator into a piece of art. It is the cheapest and most convenient option since you won’t need to do any custom building, and many come ready to install.

3. Multi-purpose it

Instead of hiding your radiator away, find some different uses for it. You can use it as extra shelving space by merely installing a piece of wood on the top. It can then display photos, candles or plants. If it’s a low radiator, you can build a functional bench over the top. It can serve as a reading nook in your lounge, or if it’s in the hallway, you can use it when putting on your shoes. You can also use it to dry or warm towels in your bathroom.

4. Make it attractive

Jazz your radiator up by giving it a new coat of paint that complements the rest of the room. You could do a gradient, ombre design that will make it a statement piece in the room. Painting is an excellent option as it won’t block any of the heat, and it’s cost-effective as well.

5. Change your room layout

Consider your room layout and if you can move any furniture around. You should never put furniture directly in front of your radiator as it can absorb a lot of the heat. However, there are ways in which you can move furniture around that will help detract from the ugly appearance of your radiator. You can angle larger pieces, such as a couch or chair so that the unit isn’t the focal point of the room.