When starting a new fashion brand, it can be very hard to get traction. If you want to remain a unique entity then you need to build up a following, find sellers to stock your products, and sell your pieces to the community at large. This applies regardless of whether you hand-make custom orders or have stock created based on your designs.

The best way to ensure a strong business model, no matter how fast or slow your production times are, is to curate the right image. Poor quality images that don’t flatter your models or your products are not going to sell. You need great imagery to bring in a community, to showcase why stores or boutiques should sell your clothes, and why you deserve to be a brand all to your own.

All of these goals begins with the same step: the fashion photo shoot.

Model Casting

Your models are crucial, and not just as fleshy mannequins. You need a diverse set of models to showcase your clothes or accessories so that you can prove your brand looks absolutely incredible on everyone. This will allow you to get your product in more stores, and it is how you will sell to a greater audience.

Location Scouting

Finding the right models that help you really showcase your customer is the first step. Finding the locations that complement your aesthetic and color pallet is the next. There are a variety of choices available as well. Some will be free to shoot in, others will require signed releases for you to hire the location out. Work with your budget, color pallet, and find the right location that emulates the vibe you want your brand to represent.


A stylist works to complete the image. They are the ones that put together the outfits your models will wear — both with your clothes, and with generic brands to complete the image. For example, if you only sell clothes, they will provide the right shoes and other accessories to complete the outfit.

Hair and Makeup

You will need a professional makeup artist on board to really capture the look you are going for. Hair and makeup are really key to highlight each individual’s best features while also promoting the vibe or “look” that you want to go for. This could be young and fresh, it could be sultry, it could be rock, glam or anything in between. A professional MUA will be able to help you get the look that you want and do it best for a camera.

Professional Photography & Editing

Finally, you will need to bring in a professional photographer. The use of high-end camera equipment requires a specialist. They will need to color-correct, adjust the light balance, and of course, have that keen eye to capture the best in your products. When hiring a photographer, make sure that the editing aspect is included in their service so that you can work on launching your next campaign with stunning images.

Organizing a fashion photo shoot means working with the right people and nailing the brand image that you want to convey.

fashion photo shoot