How To Top The Natural Makeup Look In 7 Easy Steps

It is the wedding season, and you are prepping for your bridal look. You are going through various bridal looks, but everything looks astonishingly confusingly and same. A makeup professional on other days has to accept the defeat and give up because of the variety of bridal looks. But don’t worry; this is every would-be bride ever.

And to help you with this we consulted the top makeup artist in Delhi to suggest us a bridal look which is on the hike this wedding season.
According to them the best makeup look for any bride is to go for the evergreen natural makeup look.

Today we will help you attain this beautiful and natural look in 7 easy steps!

Wash Your Face

The first step is to wash the face very properly. We suggest you double cleanse your face before the application of makeup. If you can exfoliate, then it will act as a plus one and remove all the dead cells from your face and deeply cleanse the unwanted sebum and dirt off your face. The cleansing part is essential as it gives a radiant look to the skin.

Moisturize And Moisturize

After cleaning your face, you must moisturize your face for a very glowy finish and provide proper nutrients to the skin. You must start with the toner; when you are done with your cleansing, you should apply toner to retain back the pH value of the face and to freshen up your skin. After this, you must lightly apply a bit of moisturizer followed by using face essence and then latching this nutritious essence between two layers of the moisturizer. This will hydrate your face efficiently.

Conceal The Flaws

Now to start with the actual makeup procedure, you should apply concealer to all the problematic spots. A lot of would-be brides complain about their skin; concealer can act as an essential part of these brides. You should conceal all the discoloured spots, under eyes, pimples, redness, blemishes and etc. This will help you to even out the overall skin tone and act as a base of the makeup.

Base It Up

After concealing, you must choose a foundation or BB cream with medium coverage, close to your skin tone. This will act like a proper base to the makeup and will properly highlight a particular tone on your face. All the following makeup products are usually applied on this layer of foundation or BB cream, and this helps the following eye makeup products like- eye makeup, blusher, etc.


Now you must start toning your face up. This will provide your face a proper 3D look and highlight the structure of your face beautifully. You should choose a light color of the shade pink or red as the blusher to blend the shade properly with the base. The best shade would be the natural ones. It should be applied according to your face structure. But the best placement would be on your natural blush spots.

Eye Look

In this step, you will select a similar tone of eye shadow to the blusher. Then you will apply it on your eyes. But remember that you should skip the heavy eye line or water line lining. You can go for light eye mascara but even that should be avoided because sometimes, it does not give the natural look.

Nude Gloss

After you are done with the eye makeup, you should move towards the lips. Start with applying lip balm then apply a bit of foundation of the lip. After merging it properly on your lips, you must apply some more lip balm. And then you can apply a nude lip gloss to complete the look.