Have you ever walked by a clothing store and your eyes stopped at the beanie collection?

Beanies are a popular form of headgear yet they have a mystique for many of us. Men and women look at celebrities like Justin Bieber wearing a beanie and wonder how to rock this headgear.

If you’ve thought about wearing a beanie, don’t put it off any longer! You can also wear beanies and make heads turn when you go out.

Here’s all you need to know about wearing a beanie right:

1. Wearing a Beanie Based on Climate

You should wear beanies based on the climate you are in. For example, if you are in a warmer climate you should wear a beanie that is shorter. These cover the top of your hair but don’t go all the way down to your ears.

A great option is the Fisherman Beanie. These are the short beanies that a fisherman might wear during a long day at a wharf. 

These are a minimalist option but they still make a great impression. If you prefer an understated look, then you’ll love how such a beanie looks on you.

In colder weather, you should choose a longer beanie. For this option, choose a color and style that matches the rest of your outfit. Choose one that’s part of handmade clothing to withstand the cold.

2. Bobble Beanies

During the wintertime, many of us try to look our best. We want to make an impression during the winter.

Bobble beanies are the best way to make this impression. For women, it adds a flair of cuteness and sweetness to their look. For men, it adds a bit of humor and exuberates confidence in his overall look.

These are rounded beanies with a short folded base. They’ve got rounded balls at the top called ‘bobbles.’ If you don’t want the understated look and want to stand out, these are the beanies to wear.

3. Look at the Material

Make sure you consider the material of your beanie before buying one. The material matters for the climate but also what you find most comfortable.

Cotton beanies are the most popular. These are easily breathable and are very comfortable. They work well in the heat and can absorb moisture. These don’t have to get washed often and doesn’t emit odor.

They are more durable and will last you for years to come. As a starter, you might want to buy a few cotton beanies.

Wool beanies are water-resistant and work well in both hot and cold climates. They are comfortable for most people. They are also durable if made from merino wool.

Synthetic beanies are less-likely to wrinkle. They dry quickly but require more washing. These are beanies to wear on particular occasions. They work well to protect you from the cold.

Choose Your Beanies

Now you know the rules for wearing a beanie, you can start shopping for the right ones. Make sure to consider the material you want and why you need a beanie.

Take a moment to look at your everyday style. You want to make sure that your beanie matches your look and your personality.

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