How to Use Fashion to Inform Your Interior Design

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interior design

You already use fashion to express yourself so why not pull these same elements into your interior design? Fashion and interior design are deeply intertwined with one another. They are both heavily focused on material, patterns, textures, and silhouettes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a trending look will often have many variations in both fashion and interior design. If you are ready to make the leap, here’s how to use fashion to inform your interior design.

Understanding The Connection Between Fashion and Interior Design

Fashion and interior design rely heavily on each other. This means you can use one to inform the other. One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is that designers from both camps are exposed to materials around the same time. This means that both fashion and interior designers are creating designs using similar, or even identical, sources of inspiration.

A second reason behind this phenomenon, which designers will begrudgingly admit, is that they are inspired by one another. For instance, fashion designers may be influenced by an interior designer’s combination of materials while an interior designer may be influenced by a fashion designer’s use of color and patterns.

From Fashion to Interior Design

Using fashion to inform your interior design choices is relatively simple. All you have to do is follow these four simple steps.

Choose The Outfits and Accessories You Love

This is perhaps the easiest step in the process. All you have to do is find the clothing, the accessories, the jewellery, etc. that inspire you. It can be as simple as one piece or a whole collection.

Decide What You Love About Each Piece

Once you have decided on your fashion inspiration, you need to decide what you love about each piece. Is it the color, the material, the pattern, the sharp lines and silhouette, and so forth. It is important to figure out why you like each piece so it can be integrated into your interior design.

Focus On Interior Design Pieces with The Same Elements

After you have figured out why you like each piece of your fashion inspiration, he wants to look for interior design pieces with the same elements. This can include major pieces in the room such as wall design, countertops, statement furniture, etc. The elements you like may also be integrated using smaller interior design pieces such as pillows, throws, side tables, etc.

Integrate These Pieces into Your Interior Design

With these pieces in mind, you can create your interior design using your fashion inspiration. All you need to do is integrate these pieces once you begin implementing your interior design in your space.

Fashion – Interior Design Crossovers

Throughout the years there have been many fashion – interior design crossovers. Currently, many interior design trends mimic similar trends in the fashion industry. Here are some of the more well-known, modern fashion – interior design crossovers:


Over the last decade, marble has grown in popularity in both interiors and fashion. The natural veining in marble has become a trending pattern in the fashion industry. It’s not uncommon to find clothing, handbags, jewellery, and accessories sporting the white Carrara marble, as seen here, or black Calacatta marble pattern. Likewise, there has been a growing trend of using natural stones in interior design including marble countertops, floors, table tops, etc.


Bouclé jackets were one of the hottest trends in spring 2019. This trend is already repeating itself for autumn 2019. Bouclé is a material that instantly brings to mind class and sophistication, while also adding a sense of drama. It’s no wonder that we are beginning to see bouclé used as an upholstery fabric and incorporated into more interior design and furniture.


If you feel like you see palm leaves everywhere, it’s not just your imagination. Designs with palm leaves and tropical patterns have been one of the top fashion trends for 2019. Palm leaves are on dresses, pants, jackets, bags, etc. At the same time, we are seeing a growing trend of home decor using palm leaf patterns, as well as wallpapers. The addition of both real and fake palm trees is also a growing trend in interior design. This crossover is not surprising since palm leaves play into the growing trend of using natural materials in interior design.


Floral prints are often found in fashion in one way or another; its popularity ebbing and flowing. Fall 2019 fashion is all about floral prints, especially for dresses. Likewise, there is a resurgence in the use of floral print wallpapers in bedrooms that want a feminine touch. These floral prints are also being seen on home decor items such as pottery, chair upholstery, stationary, etc.


Passementerie is a French word for lace but is more commonly used to describe ornamental edging and trim used on material. Popular passementerie edging includes lace, braid, cord, metallic beading, tassels, and so on. In fashion, you’ll often find passementerie on collars, jackets, handbags, etc. The once-popular element of fashion is rapidly making a comeback and finding its way into interiors as well. Different elements of interior design such as rugs, curtains, tiebacks, pillows, and bedding are adopting passementerie with braiding, beading, and tassels. This crossover trend is one that is likely to continue growing for some time.

Express Yourself

Just like fashion, which you can find information about at Fashion Adict, your interior design should be an expression of who you are. Use your sense of fashion as inspiration and a starting point for pulling in elements that help your interior design manage your personal style. With a little bit of thought, you can create a unique space that reflects your personality.