chuda 02With the temperature rising and summer not far off, keeping your skin hydrated and avoiding sunburn and windburn while enjoying the sun is on top of the list of many sun worshippers. But, what if there is a product which hydrates your skin and also able to sooth burns, sunburns and windburn, among others.

Well, there is! Launched in February 2015, the Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream can do all that. Formulated by Dr. Elena Ocher, a Georgian-born neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist and leading pain management specialist in New York City, she had used Chuda to treat patients with severe burns and sunburns.

Though Chuda is relatively new, its origins date back centuries. It is based on the Remedea Compound which is made of ingredients found ONLY in the mountains of Georgia, its formula a Turmanidze family secret which had been passed down for generations. Practitioners of natural and herbal healing since time immemorial, the Turmanidzes had created a powerful medicinal compound that rapidly healed wounded skin.

That formula has been kept within their family for centuries. And for the first time ever, the Remedea Compound has now been made available to the outside world for the first time ever – ONLY to Dr. Elena Ocher.

Immediately seeing the Remedea Compound’s potential, Dr. Ocher hired a top-notch chemist to combine the original Turmanidze age-old compound with medical grade, state-of-the-art ingredients. And thus, Chuda was born!

Since it was first introduced, Chuda has already been medically proven to heal skin in just hours by creating a deep penetrating “healing dome.”

Chuda has been used effectively to treat severe burns by Dr. Ocher. Among many examples: a NYC Fireman that had it applied to his singed feet exhibited significant healing overnight; and, a parent who applied it to their sunburned child, just overnight, also saw significant healing. Dr. Ocher has before & after photographs of all of these and more.

Chuda can also be used as a daily moisturizer, applied morning and night, to keep skin maximally hydrated and protected. It is also excellent to use on an airplane to keep your face and lips from drying out.

Chuda is available in a Full Size (50 ML) jar for $150.00 and a Deluxe Travel Size (5 ML) jar for $15.00 – perfect to toss in your purse for a weekend trip to the beach. The product can be purchased via This product is great for both women AND men!

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