jewelry findingsChoosing jewelry is daunting to a lot of people. Purchasing one, for yourself or for someone else, needs a lot of thought because a purchase involves a considerable amount of money.

In addition to this, the design and the overall “vibe” of a jewelry set must be in sync with the outfit. The right jewelry with the right outfit and the right occasion can boost the confidence of the wearer.

There is no “perfect jewelry” for all occasions, and because of this, different kind of jewelry designs are created by jewelry manufacturers. The bad thing is, according to Forbes, the jewelry industry is in a big dilemma because of the stagnant phase in jewelry design.

Users might find a lot of jewelry sets almost look familiar to other sets. Designs are also important in the overall effect of the outfit. The design of the jewelry makes a big difference, a cheaper gem with a better design is more notable than a diamond with a very generic design.

Fortunately, custom jewelry is making the scene more lively because of its variety of options. Customers can even make custom jewelry inspired by shows and movies. Even jewelry based on music or with Science subjects can be made using custom designs. Breath life to your jewelry design ideas and show them to the world. With jewelry customization, you can find the perfect jewelry set for your needs. These are possible because of the use of jewelry findings.

What Are Jewelry Findings?

Jewelry findings, or findings, are parts that are used to join different jewelry components together in order to complete a design. These jewelry supplies do not only connect different components of the jewelry set. Based on how it is used, it also enhances the overall aesthetic effect of the jewelry set. Jewelry findings are often made out of sterling silver, plated silver, gold, titanium, or aluminum. In addition, different kind of jewelry findings can be used in order to achieve different looks and styles that fit in different kind of occasions.

Types Of Jewelry Findings

1. Bead Caps
Bead Caps are used to attach the gems in a necklace or a bracelet. These are found at the end of the gem and also serves as metal decorations. The size and the shape of a bead cap will depend on the size and the shape of the gem that will be used in the jewelry set.

2. Crimp Beads
Crimp beads are used to hollow round beads that come in a lot of sizes as well as metal materials. These beads are used in order to secure the end of the beading wire to other jewelry findings. There are two shapes available: the rounded crimp beads and the cylindrical crimp tubes, which has different uses for different situations.

3. Clasps
Clasps are used to complete necklaces and bracelets. These are the metals that join the two ends of the jewelry together. The size and the weight of the jewelry is an essential factor that determines what kind of clasp is to be used.

4. Pin Stems
A pin stem is a metal that attaches a pin or a brooch in the cloth. In deciding what kind of pin stems to use, take into account the length and the weight of the pin. Always test the pin or brooch stem for its strength and ease of operation.

5. Rings
Rings are used in order to complete the jewelry, especially on necklaces and bracelets. These are used to support the gem and the other findings such as the chain to clasp. Rings are available in bails, metal loops, and jump rings or rings that are used to make chains.

6. Headpins
Headpins, as well as eye pins, are materials made out of wires which are used on beads. These are to enable the gems and other jewelry materials to “dangle” while being worn. These are inserted in the middle of the bead and is twisted in 90 degrees.

When it comes to custom jewelry, the best thing about this is the maker can use any type of bead he or she wants. This makes the experience more personal and more satisfying. In addition, there are times when custom jewelry is cheaper and more accessible. Custom jewelry is a good option for personalized gifts, as well as for people who want to stand out in fashion.