Jil Sander MF1402MILAN, Jan 12. 2014/ — Not wearing neckties is not new. After all, Gianni Versace made it very popular in the 1990s. But what the Jil Sander Men Fall 2014 collection noteworthy is that it proposes no neckties to Millennials.

Yes, the Millennials have grown up and they are actually entering the work force. And while their Baby Boomer and/or Gen X parents are comfortable wearing neckties, the Millennials who grew up in with relaxed dress codes are easy to sway not to wear ties.

But, never fear! Jil Sander has crisply tailored pants, suits and jackets. They might not be approved dressing for an intern at the White House but that is definitely acceptable at Wall Street.

Photos courtesy of Camera Moda