NEW YORK, Sep 5, 2012/ — On the eve of New York Fashion Week, Way Chen unveiled a romantic Spring 2013 collection that fused tradition with the future.

Inspired by her passion for traveling that exposed her to different cultures, Way Chen also looked towards the future to create flowing pleated dresses that were embroidered with JSong’s signature lotus interspersed with shirts embroidered with a QR code wherein if you scan it with your smart phone, it will bring you to the JSong website where you can get more info about the label and the collection.

A label known for using Oriental elements translated for use in modern silhouettes, JSong’s incorporation of the very modern QR code into the mix demonstrates Way Chen’s confidence as a designer and a mastery of her art.

Two very different elements were fused together to become one and thus making the statement that a synergy exists between tradition and modernity in our lives today.