junko shimada F15 (2)From the press notes:

Bearing all the hallmarks of a voyage acrossthe Irish Sea, Junko Shimada navigates between the austere silhouettes of the fishermen of Ireland and the aristocratic allure of a ship’s captain.

Wrap up against the Emerald Isle’s harsh winters in roomy double-breasted coats, pea coats and duffle coats. When the gusty winds blow, it’s time to slip into cosy wrap-around skirts, loose trousers, battle dresses, pinafore dresses and “lifejacket style”padded waistcoats.

When the chilly winter frosts hit, stay snug in big and chunky jacquard motif cable knit sweaters, T-shirts in fishing net stitching, exclusive golfing-style Paraboot, rope belts, bronze jewellery, oversized gold or horn buttons.

These spiritual details that are so dear to Junko Shimada continue to strike at the heart of these silhouettes; so full of sensuality and truly unique.

From shades of black, hues of stormy sea blue, navy and aquamarine, through to the bright blue tones of lobster pots and bulwarks. Brown peat and granite, punctuated with orange and yellow lichens.

Handcrafted duffle, downy cashmere and herringbone tweed mingle with waxed cotton, coated and painted to weather the storms and sail the blue seas.

Photos courtesy of Junko Shimada