COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS-SUMMER-SP 2NEW YORK, Jan 27, 2014/ — Entitled “Cool & Chic Girl”, the Comptoir Des Cotonniers’ Spring/Summer 2014 campaign is about a feel good attitude which happens to be very Parisian.

With the mantra “fun but chic”, the French label opted for an all-pervasive hedonism, a free and casual attitude and a happy mood no matter what happens.

The French city girl, which also happens to be the muse of the brand while at the same time defining it, plays with contrasts – impertinent yet sophisticated.

For the spring: she can be seen on pavement cafés in a military style loose parka and tweet shorts.

COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS-SPRING-SP 2For the summer, she mixes masculine and feminine styles, in boyfriend shorts with overlaid jacquard and feather-print tops.

Ode to the joy of living! Long live the French way of life by Comptoir Des Cotonniers!

The protagonists:


The iconic French girl, piercing blue eyes, genuine smile, Chinadoll complexion, Manon appeals with her freshness, spontaneity and boho-rock look. French and cosmopolitan, she has worked for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine… and has also been spotted on all the major fashion runways.


Based in London, this rising star in English photography has captured Manon Leloup in all her candour, both chic and fun. Tung Walsh has also shot a large number of celebrity portraits – Lily Allen, Taylor Swift, Jeff Koons and worked for the following publications: NY Times style, WSJ, W Magazine, …