Lacoste F15 (2)NEW YORK, Feb 19, 2015/ — With the show opening with a model proudly wearing “René did it first” on his chest, Lacoste’s Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista focused on the brand’s heritage of innovation.

Sending a collection that focused on sportswear and defining it as an essential style, Felipe Oliveira Baptista paid a tribute to tennis offering a “winter tennis” that mixes the supple lightness of sportswear with the tailored elegance of long protective coats.

It’s the LACOSTE style as seen by Felipe Oliveira Baptista – more-than-ever contemporary, an urban style that flirts with the open air, a style that is neither masculine nor feminine but both equally. It’s a style injected with casually sophisticated sportswear that plays with codes and strips down to the essential: self-expression.

The collection’s tailoring is inspired by the casual refinement of the 30s and fantasized by the graphic and colorful 70s. It’s ‘chic’ but does not take itself seriously: ‘René did it first’ and ‘Tennis anyone?’ are featured on sweatshirts and sweaters.

Photos courtesy of Lacoste