max mara beachwear
Max Mara Beachwear

Inspired by Mediterranean architecture and the lush, wild landscape in which the green of the countryside meets the blue of the sea and the sky, the Max Mara Leisure Beachwear S/S 2020 Collection pays tribute to the discreet luxury of the farmhouses of a bygone age, with their open spaces and interiors that let the warmth of the springtime and the blistering heat of the summer filter through at a slow, relaxed pace.

This unassuming atmosphere shapes items with simple geometries, in authentic materials that recall the textures of the earth scorched by the sun and the rough orange and brown bricks of country houses.

The collection focuses on the colors of southern landscapes, ranging from the white of the sidelight to the green of the plants, shifting between shades of olive, grape, cactus, monochrome sky and sea blue and the pink and magenta tones of the bougainvillea.

Synonymous with wellbeing, this simple approach brings us dresses and maxi shirts with rolled-up sleeves, one and two-piece swimwear with an elegant, minimal design, worn with feather-light beachwear, single-shoulder dresses and soft, loose trousers that follow the movements of the body.

Dresses with enveloping, timeless volumes, in natural materials – cotton with different textures, and linen – that stylishly dress a variety of women who share a desire to carve out their own space in which they can simply be themselves.

Photos courtesy of Max Mara