TORONTO, Apr 2, 2011/ — Minx, the patented solid nail coating that has quickly become a celebrity favorite, was delighted to be part of the Amanda Lee Kew Fall 2011 fashion show presented during LG Fashion Week in Toronto on April 1, 2011.

Amanda Lee Kew selected the Minx design “Longevity” from the newly released “Minx Professional for Marian Newman” line for all 15 models, and wore the same design herself at the show.

“I received the request to provide Minx for the show only four days before the event, and jumped at the opportunity,” said Stephane Tetreault, the Minx distributor for Canada who led the 5-person nail stylist team that applied Minx to the models.

Laura Merzetti, a Toronto-based nail stylist and educator on the Minx team, said “The nails were a big hit – they really added impact to the overall presentation and the prismatic effect complemented the futuristic designs beautifully!”

Since Minx is a solid nail coating, there are no fumes and no drying time, making application easy and efficient.