NEW YORK, Sep 13, 2012/ — A very progressive point of view, Ruffian decided to bring Marie Antoinette to Williamsburg in Brooklyn as they mixed the French Queen’s famed elegance to Brooklyn’s hipster/industrial look.

Creating a balanced mix of Baroque and minimal silhouettes, Ruffian cleverly used volume on skirts and jackets which were reminiscent of the opulent era while adapting it to a New York lifestyle.

Ruffled blouses, coats and bustiers were mixed & matched and sometimes coordinated with skirts and shorts to the knees, in a style worthy of the time.

Jacquard fabrics are given to the style of the day with more contemporary motifs and a palette of spring colors that give a refreshing result. Ruffian has succeeded with this collection to give a whole new look to a complex mode.

Photos courtesy of New York Fashion Week