DALLAS, Apr 23, 2011/ FW/ — Unveiled last February at the Deutsche Guggenheim during the “All Access World” exhibition by artist Agathe Snow, the limited edition MYKITA Cyrus sunglasses are destined to be as iconic as the real-world landmarks that inspired them.

Designed by Agathe Snow, the MYKITA Cyrus references the accentuated eyebrows eyewear of the 1960s, which incidentally is one of the most popular glasses frames of the 20th century.

Agathe Snow chose this landmark in eyewear design for her work entitled “You are here” which made part of the “All Access World” exhibition.

“You are here”, which in turn became the MYKITA Cyrus sunglasses is set in a new context in the form of Mykita’s flat-metal concept. And with “landmarks” as inspiration Snow took humankind’s fascination with landmarks one step further.

Devoid of chunky acetate applications or screws, Agate used black mirrored lenses and a fine line of gold paint drawing a horizon line across them. The inner side of the lenses features a golden line depicting the skylines of New York or the Pyramid of Gizeh – for the wearer a barely tangible blur.

The motifs are only there to see for all once the glasses are removed. The skyline are hand-painted, making each pair of glasses a unique item.

The metal frame comes in a two-tone finish in Neon Pink/Black and vice versa in Black/Neon pink with black mirrored lenses.

The product is packaged in a special box bearing a sextion of the city map in question. The weare’s virtual position is marked by a “You are here” marker (the size of the circle being based on that on Berlin metro maps).

Cyrus comprises a strictly limited edition of 200. All frames are individually number on the temple and packaging is signed by the artist on an accompanying certificate.