NEW YORK, NY September 17, 2018

Smartphone cases are now entering the world of couture. HandL just announced a new collection of highly designed smartphone cases with unique interchangeable plates, many embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. For the first time ever, smartphone cases will be considered a treasured piece of jewelry.

photo: Thomas Barnes

Designed and created by the renowned artist Allen Hirsch.

Hirsch is a critically acclaimed painter and artist whose work has appeared on the covers of TIME, the walls of the White House, art galleries and museums.

HandL was conceived while Hirsch was painting one day and holding his phone.
“I wanted to develop a smartphone case that could be handled with the ease and fluidity, of a paintbrush. The phone is really our canvas where we project thoughts and emotions; I want people to experience that same freedom and flexibility using their phone as an artist does when painting. The unique HandL tech now combined with jewelry, artistry and fashion makes this a revolutionary product in the marketplace.”

HandL: Nolita
HandL: Bronx Zoo


HandL is the revolutionary gripless and seamless use phone case & stand already used by many world famous athletes and celebrities for its versatility and ergonomics. Its patented elastic/brace system is the best phone holding system on the market- allowing large screen device use easily with one hand. HandL’s designer and inventor is famed New York fine artist Allen Hirsch. “These new phone jewelry designed plates twist on and off, allowing you to easily switch them to match your mood, clothing or occasion and act as a new kind of jewelry for your hand and fingers.”

HandL: Park Ave
HandL: Rock Plaza

The new line of HandL products for both men and women was designed by Hirsch in the spirit of New York City. Each plate is named after different metropolitan areas: Broadway, Park Avenue, Central Park, Madison Avenue, Midtown, Rock Plaza, West Side Highway, Tribeca, Coney Island, Bronx Zoo. All finely crafted and available in 24 carat gold, palladium, gun metal and rose gold finishes- half the collection is embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. A new style of adornment for your hand these interchangeable plates are reusable for future phone models.

HandL: Coney Island

Photos courtesy of: HANDL NYC Allen Hirsch