Parsons 2012 Fashion Show: Giuliana L. Raggiani, Callista Wolff, Emily Hudson

Giuliana L. Raggiani
Children’s wear
Boston, MA

A knitwear–‐focused unisex collection, intended to be sized from children’s to adults. It s inspired by the androgynous and quirky nature of London, juxtaposing vintage and futurism, and the nostalgia of growing up in 90’s America. I took bits and pieces of London inspiration and placed them into the fair–‐isle patterns in my knits, while my silhouettes and styling mimic the feeling I had growing into/out of clothes, hand–‐me–‐ downs, snowsuits, layering and mismatching.
Internships: Anthropologie, Knitwear design
Designer of the Year Candidate

Callista Wolff
Children’s wear
Pittsburgh, PA

Romantic, vintage–‐inspired children’s wear with a classic charm. Looking At the lifestyle of the Antebellum Era In the American south, I Pulled from the idea of a “Southern Belle.” Utilizing Aspects of a ladies tea, I Repurposed vintage tablecloths, antique lace, and recycled denim into modern yet timeless pieces for a young girl that have the same heirloom quality of the era the garments reflect.
Designer of the Year Candidate

Emily Hudson
Children’s wear
Raleigh, NC
Designer of the Year Candidate

The Long Season Is a fall/winter collection for boy’s sized 4–‐6x Inspired by the American South During the Great Depression. Functionality and frugality are key, but also a sense of craft. I wanted to create heirloom pieces that were made by my own two hands with a great deal of patience.
Internships: Baby Gap, Aeropostale

Parsons Presents 2012 Graduation Collection

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