Polo Ralph Lauren - Bali Collection
Polo Ralph Lauren - Bali Collection

GUAM, Mar 14, 1997/ FW/ — Ralph Lauren has been an icon for American fashion for the last two decades. And he has not lost his touch! He still inspires new collections and new looks. This is his new island look, different from what I personally call Summer in Nantucket look that Ralph Lauren usually comes out with.

Fresh, young, vibrant! Those are the words which describes the Bali Collection. The window was designed with minimalism in mind. Two forms dressed in the usual layered look of Polo, and yet it looks cool and fresh. The setting is outdoor yet with an indoor look. The wicker chair, the prints and the hats look like any porch by the beach in any part of the world. The shells were an added touch, to signify that the blue water is near.

The Bali Collection has proven once again that Ralph Lauren has earned his place in the list of Great American Icons.


DFS Galleria
1296 Pale San Vitores
Tumon, Guam 96911
(671) 646-9640/9641

Photos by MARI DAVIS