Wearing skull rings is a style statement for those who are into punk and gothic fashion. Those who are in the skating and motorcycling world would also find this accessory accentuating their self-confidence. However, aside from being a fashion statement, skull rings are worn by many for what it symbolizes.

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In almost all cultures, skulls are considered as a symbol of death. Those who wear this don’t just want to strike fear; sometimes, they also do so to remind themselves of the mortality of life. As such, not all who sport this fashion are grotesque in their thinking; they are simply artists and realists who appreciate the symbolism that it holds.

It is no wonder that it is currently in demand all around. You can find these rings in any mall or any online shop. They come in different forms, sizes, materials, and prices. Those who would like to invest in this form of accessory should take into consideration these elements so that they could choose the one that is perfect for them:

skull rings
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Various cultures and organizations have different ways of designing skulls. For instance, those who like freemason history might want to choose a skull design with crossbones. This symbol – typically called Memento Mori – has been popularized in the late 19th century for its representation of spiritual awakening.

Another sought-after design is the pirate skull, which features an eye patch, a bandanna, or a pirate headgear. Bikers and mariners often wear this design. Meanwhile, those who are into myths and legends are often seen with a Viking skull ring. It usually features Egil’s Bones, one of the most famous Old Norse characters.

The Mexican ring is another culturally-derived design that showcases a skull embedded with green eyes. It symbolizes life after death and is often worn during the Day of the Dead, an Aztec-inspired festival that honors those who have passed away. On the other side of the globe, many can be seen wearing a ring with a Naga. A Naga is a famous Hindu character that symbolizes protection. On the other hand, those who are into popular culture might prefer wearing a Johnny Holiday skull ring for fun.

One of the most significant determinants of the price is the intricacy of the design. A ring featuring crystals, gemstones aside from the standard skull carving could quickly increase the rate. Nonetheless, they are excellent additions, especially for women wearers who would like to show off their unique style.


The material of skull rings is a massive determinant of its durability. Most rings of these kinds are made of sterling silver. Sterling silver is best for those who plan on wearing this accessory daily. However, it is more prone to dents and scratches, which is why it is frequently the cheapest.

Another downside to choosing sterling silver as the ring material is that it can easily be counterfeited. If you are just buying your ring from a retail store at an affordable price, the chances are that it is made from a cheap material that is advertised as sterling silver.

Those who are looking for a more durable material can opt for stainless steel or gold. Both materials are scratch-resistant, but once the stainless steel or gold gets damaged, repairing it may not be easy.
Additionally, it is challenging to have them resized or refitted because they are less malleable. Even so, they are still excellent choices for those who would wear this accessory for special occasions.

skull rings
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Sizes and Fit

Traditionally, men’s rings are thicker in size and bolder in design than women’s rings. However, a rule like this need not always be followed to make room for artistic preference. Another great thing about having a ring with a skull design is that any of your fingers can wear it.

Unlike a marriage ring that is typically worn on the left hand or a friendship ring that is usually placed on the pinky, there is no rule for wearing skull rings as long as they fit. You can also wear as many as you like depending on what you fancy.

Without a doubt, choosing to incorporate skulls in ring design is a bold move. It is an eye-catching accessory that is sure to be noticed by a lot of people. It may strike fear in others, but it will surely boost the confidence of its wearer. When buying a ring, many factors should be considered, but it ultimately boils down to one’s choice of artistic expression.

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