Lots of Lavender
Look like a total boss on the streets with an oversized coat in lavender.

NEW YORK, NY November 7, 2018

The time is nearing for oversized sweaters and coats.

When Vogue Paris tweeted a photo of Kendall Jenner in an extremely oversized insulated jacket, the internet fell all over itself to meme the moment. Later it was stated that the jacket was digitally enhanced to look bigger — but the incident only confirmed what we all know: Oversized jackets are the best kind of jackets when it’s so cold that all you really want to do is lie in bed wrapped in blankets.

Oversized clothing has become a chance for designers and brands to play with the measurements and cuts of garments, such as Alexander McQueen’s exaggerated silhouettes. With the right kind of styling, large garmets can stand out, providing style and comfort at the same time — which is always a fashion win in our book.

Fleece Jacket
A zipped up oversized yellow fleece jacket coupled with patterned trousers and leather ankle boots makes a statement without exposing you to the elements.
A deconstructed pantsuit with an oversized blazer can even be worn to work. Keep it flattering with a black belt bag.
Oversized Collar
Be snazzy and stylish with a jacket that features an oversized collar. Keep the feature the focus by wearing all black underneath.
Pastel Coat
Give the season a bit of color with a pastel blue coat and pants plus pastel pink shoes

Insulated Jacket
Be protected from the harsh, cold winds with a bright red insulated jacket. Keep up the oversized look with trousers that drape the ground and sleeves that double as gloves.
Keep dry in the rain with an oversized take on the classic trench.
Pink Puffer Jacket
Is there anything better than a giant puffer coat? Yes — a giant puffer coat in pink.