Tanya Taylor F14Gaining prominence in the 2000s, the Metro Girl was the personification of the millennial city girl who has embraced the future and owned it. Ultra modern without being sci-fi, romantic without being saccharine, the metro girl is not scared to mix and match different influences.

For Fall 2014, Tanya Taylor dresses the new Metro Girl. The Toronto-born, New York-based designer created contemporary silhouettes that are easy on the eyes and yes, easy to wear!

With hemlines that moved from just over the knee to mid-thigh, the dresses and skirts worn with bare legs, Tanya Taylor dares the Metro Girl to brave the cold for fashion. Of course, it could be that the clothes are meant for the warmer winter climates of California and the Southwest.

Nevertheless, the pieces are cute and adorable, so never mind the weather. A true fashionista, the Metro Girl truly suffers for fashion.

Photos by Edward Colelli