The anti-aging industry is worth an estimated $14 billion in America, alone. New products are constantly hitting the market with promises of erasing years of aging from your skin. The question is, what actually works?

The unfortunate reality that many Americans discover is that after pouring hundreds of dollars into skincare products, they don’t see a remarkable difference in wrinkles, discoloration, and other signs of aging. What gives?

We find that one of the best ways to look young is to feel young, and a lot of that comes from within–not without. (Of course, there are some great products out there that really will make you look younger, and we’ll talk about this, too!)

Read on for 10 ways that you can look young and feel young again without the costly trial and error.

1. Drink the Recommended Amount of Water Daily

We know you’ve heard it before: you should be drinking eight 12-ounce glasses of water every day. It seems like simple advice, but the reality is that without enough hydration, you’re doing your body and skin a disservice.

Getting enough hydration is crucial for our skin, allowing it to flush out toxins, reduce puffiness, maintain the proper pH balance, and more. 

2. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Feeling energized is probably the best way to feel younger. When you feel alert and ready for your day, you’re automatically going to give off a more youthful glow.

Bear in mind that eight hours isn’t right for everyone. The best way to find your sweet spot is to establish a better nighttime routine and use the weekend to find out when you wake up naturally. Go to bed at the same time every night, put down the phone and other devices, and let your body wake you up on its own.

3. Get Your Eyes Checked

This sounds a little silly, but when you can’t see clearly, you’re going to start squinting more. Not only does this speed up the development of wrinkles around the eye, but the act of squinting, itself, makes you look older. Find out if you need a better prescription so that you can keep your gorgeous eyes wide open!

4. Use Lemon Water on Your Dark Spots

Dark spots are one of the biggest targets of the anti-aging skincare industry. Before you start experimenting with expensive creams and gels, head to the grocery store and buy a few lemons. Each night, dilute lemon juice with a bit of warm water and use a Q-tip to apply the mixture to your dark spots before you head to bed.

5. Keep Sun Exposure Minimal

Reversing signs of aging is a lot harder than preventing rapid or early aging. The biggest culprit of skin deterioration? UV rays coming from the sun. Make sure that you’re wearing sunscreen even on days spent inside and days with a ton of cloud coverage. 

In addition, you may want to go easy on the self-tanner, as well. Of course, self-tanning lotion isn’t going to have the damaging effects on your skin that laying out in the sun will. That being said, it may darken any dark spots further, making them stand out regardless of how tan the rest of your skin appears.

6. Put Your Skincare Products in the Fridge

Chances are, you already have a few skincare products that you already love. Did you know that keeping them cool can make them more effective? Plus, the cool feel of a gel or lotion will make you feel more refreshed and awake when you’re getting ready for your day.

One product we always recommend keeping in the fridge is your eye cream. Room temperature eye cream can take a few hours to take effect. The added coolness can decrease puffiness and fill in wrinkles in a matter of minutes.

7. Add More Nutrients To Your Diet

Your body is equipped to make you feel energized and youthful–as long as you provide it with the right tools.

Revamping your entire diet and cutting out processed or high-fat foods isn’t always easy. Instead of thinking about the things you should take it, start by focusing on the things you can add. Make it your goal to eat at least two different types of vegetables each day and at least one whole fruit so that your body has more of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to stay energized.

8. Don’t Add Age With the Wrong Makeup Shades

As we age, our lips tend to get thinner. Using dark, dramatic shades of lipstick tend to call attention to that thinness, making us appear older.

In addition, using a concealer that’s too light or too dark for our skin tone can call attention to the spots we’re trying to hide. Make sure that you’re using the proper shade–and preferably a concealer that includes moisturizer–to appear younger.

9. Limber Up

We don’t just show our age in our skin. The way we carry ourselves can also make us appear older or younger than we actually are.

Add stretching to your daily routine to keep your body limber. Practices like yoga and pilates can be a big help, but so can simply spending ten to twenty minutes each day stretching out your back, legs, shoulders, and neck.

10. Turn Back the Clock Fast With Dermal Fillers

We spend a ton of money looking for the product that will fill out our skin, smooth out wrinkles, and return the shape and flexibility to our faces that we’ve lost with time. 

The truth is that injectable dermal fillers are going to make a bigger difference than just about anything that comes in a bottle. In the long run, getting fillers once or twice a year is a lot more cost-effective than buying tons of skincare products that do half the work in far more time. 

Look Young and Feel Young Without Breaking the Bank

We spend so much time and energy trying to look and feel young. The truth is that some of the best ways to approach a youthful appearance are simple, quick, and far more cost-effective. Try out our ten tips and see results right away.

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